CIVIL WAR: Nigeria never defeated Biafra – Iwuanyanwu

says Ojukwu declared Biafra because then FG rejected restructuring

..As Atta Federated Union gets new Exco, rolls out development plan

Prominent Igbo Leader, business mogul and Nigeria’s Elder statesman, Engr. Dr. Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu has once again put the records straight against all odds by proclaiming that Nigerian soldiers neither won nor conquered their Biafran counterparts in a 30 month war that took place between 1967-1970. Iwuanyanwu rather opined that what basically led to the end of the war was a negotiated agreement between the two sides that became so weary and tired to continue the war. He said it was an aberration and distortion of history for some people to claim any time, any day that Nigeria defeated Biafra during the avoidable conflict and enjoined today’s youths to get such historical fact into their heads.

The Ahaejiagamba Ndigbo who spoke at a maiden meeting of the reconstituted Atta Federated Union (AFU) held at Central School Atta weekend informed that Biafra was never defeated but had to surrender based on certain agreement reached between the two sides in order to forge a truly united Nigeria. Among such agreements Iwuanyanwu said, were that no Biafran soldier would be prosecuted but to be reintegrated into the Nigerian Army, again there must be an aggressive implementation of the RRR mantra of hope (Reconciliation, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction) which was welcomed by all sides hence the cease-fire.
“I find it funny and stupid when some people tend to distort our sacred history by circulating the information that Nigeria defeated Biafra during the war. I was physically present and actually saw it all. I was in Biafran Army Engineering as well as Intelligence and was at Uli airstrip with other soldiers when Col. Philip Effiong and a few others were negotiating conditions for a cease-fire. At some point we said no to their terms and vowed to push further with the war until Effiong opened up to us that it was a NO VICTOR, NO VANQUISHED kind of agreement and that no Biafran soldier will be punished for his action which was what basically necessitated our eventual surrender. I don’t think that at 78, I should be afraid to state this indisputable fact and sacred truth when I am getting close to my grave”.

Sir Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu however revealed that contrary to the impression in the public domain that Col. Chukwumeka Odumegwu Ojukwu was desperate to prosecute a war because of his father’s wealth, he (Ojukwu) was only pushing for restructuring and return to Regional government as it were before it was thwarted and federal government given overriding powers to the detriment of the regions hence the sudden collapse of the economy and growing animosity among some marginalized tribes. The Ahaejiagamba Ndigbo therefore called on the leaders of the country to consider restructuring as the most appropriate panacea to the many agitations and gongs of war beaten by various ethnic groups in Nigeria.

Meantime, Atta Federated Union (AFU), an umberella body and supreme general assembly of the three communities that made up the Atta clan has emerged out of the old Town union with a new interim Exco inaugurated. The caretaker Exco is headed by a grassroots leader and business man Chief Acho Ezirim and was inaugurated alongside 18 others. The inauguration of the AFU was done by Rev. Canon Chidi Njoku of the Anglican Diocese of Ikeduru and was witnessed by prominent Atta sons and daughters at Central School Atta.
In his address at the occasion, the new President General of Atta Federated Union Acho Ezirim said AFU was born out of the good desires of Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu on 2nd January, 2020 with the support of the three monarchs of the clan and other critical stakeholders. He promised to carry everybody along, exemplified by the convocation of the maiden general meeting where the name of the association and the new interim exco were ratified and inaugurated via motions which were validly moved and seconded without dissenting voices.

Ezirim urged all to lend support to his administration even as he poured encomiums on Chief Iwuanyanwu for his exemplary leadership. He vowed to work hard with his exco to make Atta great again especially in the area of security and infrastructure.

Chief Iwuanyanwu in his own speech said the unity of Atta despite the creation of new autonomous communities was paramount, adding that the few communities already gotten via his instrumentality were not enough as Umuhu would enjoy autonomous status soon. According to him, Atta is the only community in Ikeduru with two INEC wards courtesy of his efforts, noting that the whole idea behind creation of new communities and wards was to bring more government presence and resources to the people. He urged the youths to stop the complaints that government is not helping them out but to work hard as individuals, get good skills and see if God will not prosper their diligent efforts.

A former Commissioner for Lands, Survey and Physical Planning Sir Bon Unachukwu in his speech congratulated the interim exco and urged them to work as a team to realize their set objectives. He decried however the rate at which young ones were getting into illicit drug consumption in Atta which he supposed was behind the worsening security situation of the clan and tasked the new AFU exco to do something urgently to safeguard the land.

HRM Eze Geo Anika (Umunnawuike II of Atta Ancient Kingdom), Eze Udeneho of Atta West and Eze Noel Chikodi Chukwunenye of Awo-Ohii Atta were all present at the meeting and gave their royal blessings as well to the new AFU exco and the task before them.

A top political leader in the clan Chief Davis Ihentuge in his own remarks at the meeting charged the exco members to always seek the advice and fatherly counsels of the elders for them succeed in moving Atta forward. He showered praises on Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu for showing great capacity in leadership in Atta, Imo state and Nigeria in general and noted that Atta clan would prosper further if they could come together as a people to celebrate a hero like Iwuanyanwu.

Publisher of Nigerian Newsguide, Mr Chidi Emeagi in his speech, moved a motion for the strategic showcasing and marketing of rich Atta cultural heritage via Iri-Ji Atta that will take place in August, 2021 even as he called on all to support the Acho Ezirim led interim AFU Exco.

Highpoints of the meeting were the inauguration of some committees saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that various development plans of the clan were implemented to the latter. Prayers for Chief Iwuanyanwu and Resolution to write a letter to commend an illustrious of Atta, Eze Dr. Uche Egenti (Eze Ndigbo Abuja) for attracting several federal government projects to Atta with his contacts.

The Committee on Eke Atta market development is headed by Acho Ezirim, that on Atta Day celebration/Reception of Appointees is chaired by Dr Albert Okorogu while committee on Football tournament is to be chaired by Mr Lambert Nnorom. The meeting also received draft copy of the AFU constitution from the committee headed by Barr. HNG Amadi. The villages in all the three communities in Atta clan had all their PGs, representatives and members present at the crucial meeting.

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