Nwawuba standing tall among his contemporaries, making MBAIKE proud

By Chidi Emeagi

He is obviously naturally tall but the context of this discourse is not the physical height or body posture but the other side where only a few, are worthy to be described thus. Henry Ndochukwu Nwawuba is one of the few political leaders in Nigeria often misunderstood and probably disliked by some little minds that have no patience to read in between lines to correctly decipher and decode what actually may surround men and women with unpleasant courage and probably misguided boldness.

The man in question off course is a serving Federal lawmaker representing Mbaitoli-Ikeduru constituency, a ranking one as a matter of fact but he is certainly one of the best South East has ever produced in modern Nigeria’s politics. This is why some elements and miniature/emergency political intellectuals and analysts cannot simply comprehend him. Men like Hon Henry Nwawuba have their mental faculties operated wave-lengths outside the range of comprehension of most of his contemporaries and his adversaries too.
Please do not expect me to toe what I consider an inglorious path common among the Allelujah boys seen everywhere around politicians, blowing their trumpets and counting their blessings one by one in their pockets and stomach, after all why a dog goes after a pot-bellied man is that if he does not vomit, he definitely will defecate. So for this, I may not really endeavor to reel out the many verifiable, pro-masses and unbeatable achievements of Hon Nwawuba in the past five years plus he had been the Onye nnochite anya and not onye nnochi anya Ndi MBAIKE.

I may limit and confine myself to the caption of my article, strictly buttressing my points contextually and content wise. The major assignment and or responsibility of a Lawmaker any where is to generate and present bills and motions for consideration on the floor of the House. The oversight and constituency development aspects of the mandate are also germane and crucial but not as important as bill/motions generation alongside making quality contributions on the floor of the House during plenary where issues of national importance are discussed.
Hon Henry Nwawuba has so far lived above board in his core responsibility by generating over half a dozen of critical bills and countless number of motions. He dares every one with such an intellectual audacity in all his bills and motions, rushing where even the Angels fear to tread. For instance his bill for the establishment of South East Development Commission which was also considered in the Senate singularly singled him out as a pan Igbo and pro Nigeria legislator.

He was to sponsor yet another audacious bill for the establishment of National Boundary Task Force. The principal objective of that beautiful piece of legislation was geared towards ending inter-state and tribal wars and disputes emanating from complicated, unresolved boundary issues more particularly among farmers and herders in most parts of the country.

Nwawuba took his natural courage and guts to the next level just like Nicholas Corpernicus by causing a revolution when he came up with a bill for Local Government autonomy, and area feared and dreaded by most lawmakers because of the interest of their state governors and their sponsors. Note that, no state governor past or present wants such autonomy because they LGAs are their cash cows and they have succeeded in making them their strangleholds, an Animal farm of sort. Hon Nwawuba’s motions among which is the one on the need to curtail excess charges, taxes, local fees and other levies collected on the high ways by various government task force teams, received overwhelming applause and support by his colleagues, making him stand tall among his peers.

Not too long ago, Hon Henry Ndochukwu Nwawuba took a lone route and did what Napoleon could not do by standing up to kick against the conscious exclusion of the South East in 22.7 billion dollar loan sought via the National Assembly legislation for infrastructural development. He was quoted thus ”It is regrettable and very undemocratic to note that the loan request got the approval of the National Assembly without the South East which contributes substantially to the GDP and revenue earnings of the federation”. He accordingly therefore whilst his Igbo colleagues kept mute because of fear or other reasons best known to them insisted that the loan bill be stepped down until it was reviewed to accommodate the South East.

The only two persons in the Red Chambers of NASS that toed Nwawuba’s line were Senators Rochas Okorocha and Enyinnaya Abaribe, the rest maintained loud silence of indifference at a time it mattered most for Ndigbo. Henry Ndochukwu Nwawuba is well read, humane, humble, reachable and very passionate about the wellbeing and welfare of his constituents. A man of outstanding versatility, good family man, highly experienced with uncommon content and capacity, more so he is a current man, new media savvy and believes so much in deploying legislative instruments in facilitating rural development.
I therefore dare to say that with all mentioned above plus many others alongside his quality bills and motions, Hon Nwawuba is clearly standing tall among his contemporaries thus making MBAIKE proud in all ramifications.

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