Royal Father pleads with Endsars protesters to embrace peace

Urges FG to meet demands urgently

HRM Eze Geoffrey Anika of Atta Kingdom in Ikeduru Council Area of Imo state has pleaded with Nigerian youths to discontinue with the Endsars protests and give peace a chance. The Umunnawuike II of Atta said the protests if not halted would spell doom not only for the economy of Nigeria but the future of the youths at the center of the whole issue.

The monarch agreed that government at all levels over the years neglected the youths without any iota of regard and respect hence the eruption of the Nationwide protests which impact and message had really sent jitters down the spines of our mindless leaders. He said the protests were originally well thought out and properly coordinated, devoid of violence until some hoodlums and evil merchants hijacked it and started unleashing terror on the populace.

The prominent monarch said a lot had been lost and public facilities including lives destroyed, adding that it was time to discontinue with now violent protests to give government time to respond and do the needful. Eze Geoffrey Anika noted that some youths who already have Visas and supposed to travel abroad either for further studies or greener pastures who were also delayed due to covid-19 pandemic are now faced with another tragedy in the name of Endsars protest.

“Our schools and higher institutions were under lock and key due to covid-19, we were all trying to come back alive after the coronavirus with reopening of schools only for the protest to take us back to square one again. Many of our children who are supposed to have graduated some months ago and proceed for their NYSC are still in school and we the parents are clearly bearing the brunt. I therefore appeal to our youths across the country to sheathe their swords and give government some time to respond to their demands like President Buhari said in his speech”.

HRM Eze Geoffrey Anika equally urged the President, governors and council chairmen to meet demands of these youths with dispatch and urgency they require to avoid future occurrence of such deadly protests capable of bringing the nation down. As a matter of urgency, SARS must be truly disbanded and any other tactical team in Police Force that appears or operates like SARS”.

In Atta Kingdom, the Royal Father said but for his steadfastness and that of the security operatives, more harm and breakdown of law and order would have been activated by some dreaded cult groups that had always wanted their presence felt in the community long time ago.

“We have been tracking and dealing with these cultists in Atta for a very long time now but due to these Endsars protests, they almost came hard on the community if not for my efforts, that of my team and gallantry of our security operatives. For me, Atta is moving forward and we are not resting on our oars. I call on my colleagues in Imo state and beyond to copy our template in Atta Kingdom to ensure peace and stability because when the communities are peaceful, the states and nation at large are actually going to enjoy relative peace and harmony”

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