By Chris Maduka
If anyone is holding their breath waiting for the self styled civilian Gen. Wike to summon the courage to be decisive or summon the same courage to rebuke or stop the herdsmen and other Northern invaders into their territory, you might wait for a while longer.

Look at the images and follow their historical selective actions. That is why he has Never and will never ever dare put Bounty on the heads of the Fulani herdsmen that have proven track records of violence against the people of River state.

Infact, the Bounty is to further identify with them and prove to them that he’s fulfilling his own assignment and obeying instructions, while waiting for them to annoint him for 2023 Presidency that the preponderance seem to favour the SouthEast Zone but some fair weather Igbos prefer to use Nigeria Presidency of Igbo extraction. (Take a special note if that, as that might as well be what’s driving the likes of Nwike that want to bear Wike for ethnic distancing until it is convenient to add back the “N” and wear a redcap and Isiah for political season and reasons.

It is a fact that the beginning of Wisdom for an average Niger Delta leader regardless of how loud he mighty be, is the fear North and pious submission to the Northern power, especially the Sultan of Sokoto. From the former Governor Peter Odili to Chibuike Amechi and Now Wike. With all his posturing as the Lion of the Niger Delta, he still has his handlers and people he take notes from.

Infact, am beginning to think in my usual CONTRARIAN manner once again that most Governors in the Southern Parts of Nigeria are merely holding these states in trust, as mere caretakers for the designated Northern owners of these states, just as Jagaban Tinubu owns Lagos state.

It seems to me that Rivers State might actually belong to the Sultan of Sokoto, and the only challenge and threat to that status quo might be the recalcitrant and enigmatic non yielding IPOB in Rivers state. Could that be the actual reason driving Wike’s inconsequential selective show of force?

Think and probe deeper into this opinion.
Again, this is my thinking and may not be far from the truth. I really don’t think that any Rivers state Government of recent times will make any major decisions or take far reaching actions without first getting clearance and go ahead order from the seat of the Caliphate in Sokoto. This is might also be the reality for some of the SouthEast states Especially those with oil and gas deposits.

Check out Abia and Imo states. These are the areas with the heaviest Military and law enforcement activities. These are the areas where even the major developmental infrastructures put in place by the dedicated former leaders like Ndubuisi Kanu and Sam Mbakwe in the old Imo that comprises of the present Abia are being destroyed.

These two states are slowly but surely being destroyed systematically without bombs but with the same effects through disastrous leaders that seem to be on a mission or assignment.

The Niger Delta leaders along with some of our own failed leaders all visit the Northern Emirs and Sultans like going on pilgrimages. And once they are approved and annointed, then we all appear to them as errand boys they can bark at with reckless abandon as Wike has now done with IPOB.

They simply treat the people as their ward, occasionally being magnanimous while pretending as if they are doing something while absolutely nothing is being done.
But soon and very soon, all these will come to an end as the rest of Nigerians are beginning to wake up to smell the coffee.
Chris O. Maduka, public opinion analyst and commentator on national/global issues writes in Lagos.

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