Civil servants cry out to Uzodimma over 8 years without promotion

Nurses on level-8 beg for proper placement on level-9

Civil servants in Imo state are obviously in pains and work morale among them at its lowest elb. This is very much connected to the fact that for eight good years now, non of them has been promoted to his/her next level in the civil service cadre.

A number of them who spoke to our medium last Friday expressed sadness and disappointment over their stagnation in service in the past eight years. According to them, former Governor Rochas Okorocha was most unfair and uncharitable to them in that for eight years he ruled Imo, he only released civil servants promotion once and that was in 2012.

The Imo workers argued that their colleagues in other states including federal civil servants have been promoted twice since 2012 and now awaiting their third promotion any time soon. They accordingly therefore cried to Governor Hope Uzodimma to free them from the dungeon of eight years without promotion, so that a lot of them will not retire without getting to the supposed level they are to retire at.

They noted that it will amount to wickedness of no earthly comparison if a level-14 officer who is supposed to have been promoted to level-16 retires on level-14 with his/her current salary when he is supposed to retire with level-16 salary.

“We call on our dear Gov. Hope Uzodimma to come to our aid and get us freed from these eight years of hell experience. Our morale is now low and that could be the reason the input and output of some of us are nothing to write home about. Promotion is a right and not a privilege and we appeal to our Governor to do the needful, if possible use it as Christmas gift to us”.

Meantime, Graduate Nurses in the Ministry of Health and other health institutions in the state have equally appealed to Gov. Hope Uzodimma, the Head of Service and Chairman Civil Service Commission to properly place them on level-9 which is their appropriate entry point in any state or federal service.

The Nurses who refused to give their names argued that their hitherto placement on level-8 was an error that needs immediate correction.
They made reference to a particular circular sighted by our reporter from the office of Head of Service of the Federation which clearly stated that entry point into state or federal service for Nurses with Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Science (BNSC), licensed by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria with NYSC certificate and also had internship experience is level-9 and not level-8 which is currently the case in Imo state.

They therefore appealed to the governor to direct those concerned to effect this correction to ensure that they are at par with their colleagues across the federation.

“Doctors who spend six years in medical school have level-12 as their entry point, Medical Laboratory scientists who spend five years have level-9 as their entry point. Why are we Nurses who also spend 5 good years in the university placed on level-8 as entry point in Imo State. We have the circular that clearly stated that our entry-point is level-9 from the Head of Service of the federation and we appeal to our action governor, Sen. Hope Uzodimma to graciously give instruction to those concerned so that our proper placement on grade level-9 should be effected”.

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