Development Journalist urges civil servants, public office holders to refund over-paid salaries to govt

Development Journalist, Corporate Administrator and Policy Development Expert Mr. Chidi Emeagi has advised civil and public servants in Imo state to refund to government over-payments they noticed in their salaries and emoluments whether in the past or recent time.
In an interview with our Reporter last Wednesday, Emeagi who is the Publisher of Nigerian Newsguide submitted that for the country Nigeria to get to it right, civil/public servants including government functionaries must be sincere for once and be patriotic and Godly in their dealings.

“In Imo state recently, there were some civil-public servants whom I know or meant to know noticed some kind of over-payments in their salaries. Some political appointees were also reportedly over-paid. As a development Journalist and one man who believe the nation must get it right, I have decided to appeal to our brothers and sisters to kindly refund such differentials to government.

”I am aware that some of these persons under reference were paid in excess of amounts twice higher than their actual monthly salaries, as such, it is only decent for responsible ones among them to show patriotism by refunding same to government. Some appointees of government naturally should know what to do so that such monies when put together could be deployed to provide other amenities for the good of our citizens. “It should not be ”a CARRY GO THING” or after all it is nobody’s money among our civil, public servants and appointees. Some have started refunding already, so ask questions on what to do and you will be guided’’

Mr Chidi Emeagi revealed that if such over-payments were not refunded, those affected may be compelled to do so at source some time in future. “By that time, they may begin to complain about short-payments and all what not.
“The ENDSARS protests across the country had to a reasonable extent shown a signal that Nigeria might get better some day through collective effort. It therefore beckons on those in leadership positions, career or appointed to lead by example in order to contribute their quota in setting better agenda for a new Nigeria with restructuring on the front burner”.

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