ENDSARS: Time to be fair for once to Nigerian youths

The recent Nation wide Endsars protests have actually awoken the consciousness of our hitherto docile youths who over the years were just neglected and disregarded by gerentocrats. These elderly men and women have also refused to give way for even their biological children to have access to power and various leadership positions. From East to West, North to South, the story is the same and paints a picture of state of hopelessness for the younger ones.

Before and immediately after the war, most Nigerian Leaders at various levels were young and vibrant people who used their intellect and youthful might to rule. The likes of Aguiyi Ironsi, the Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo, Muhammadu Buhari, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Pat Utomi, Matthew Mbu and many others were less than 40 years at the time they occupied strategic leadership positions in Nigeria. Somewhere along the line, at the peak of the age long military rule and on the very threshold of democratic governance, everything turned against the youths and the satanic slogan ‘Youths are leaders of tomorrow’ suddenly emerged and became popular.

At this juncture, the doors were completely shut against these young men and women majority of whom are powerful intellects, gurus in their fields of endeavors and highly charismatic in the art of leadership. We are not trying to rule out the fact that our youths were not part of their relegation, yes they were and most of them happy with their sorry state and pitiable conditions.

A situation where by men of above 50 years are youth leaders in various political parties and associations is a true pointer to the fact that our youths before now were not to a reasonable extent ready to confront the status quo and possibly rebel against the old brigade. Today, they have woken up and in one accord pitied themselves hence the Endsars protests. Though it was later hijacked by hoodlums and some agents of gerentocracy, the protests made a bold statement and actually sent jitters down the spines of the same men and women who have maintained loud criminal silence over the plight of the Nigerian youths. These septuagenarians and octogenarians have remained in the corridors of power before 1992, and more particularly since the return of democracy in 1999. This is why you see Senators and Reps members spending 20 years and above in the National Assembly and exiting governors desperately finding their ways to the Senate as their retirement homes.

With this situation, the youths got weary, said enough is enough and only used the Endsars protests to show just a sign of the many packages they have for these sit-tight leaders. With these protests that turned bloody, precipitating the invasion of ware houses where our so called governors hoarded food and other sundry items as palliatives for coronavirus pandemic era, it is crystal clear that they have asked only to be treated fairly. They constitute at least 60 percentage of our total population and should not be toyed with again. Our only problem as Nigerian Newsguide family as per the protests was that they failed to articulate better their demands and could have done better if they had demanded for an End to bad governance. But be that as it may, we call on President Buhari, governors and other top political leaders to commence without delay the implementation of the demands of these youths during the protest. SARS or any tactical Police team in that like must not resurface again. State Police is the way out now and professionalizing same a sine-qua-non. We equally ask for the increment of police officers salary and that of other security agencies to get the best out of them.

Monies already earmarked as youth intervention funds by FG and states must be evenly and transparently disbursed otherwise these youths would again visit homes of those that try to embezzle such funds. Finally, political parties must consider giving nomination forms free of any charge to the youths as the only way to encourage them to participate and take over in 2023 and beyond. The slogan, “youths are leaders of tomorrow” must be jettisoned as children are the ones fit to be described thus.

Employment and empowerment programs must be open and depoliticized to make way for all youths to apply and get considered. Our financial institutions must be ready to give credit facilities to young Entreprenuers without collateral. These we consider immediate and effective ways to calm them down at least for now.

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