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The last time out there in their desperate search for power, they had “sorrowfully” rendered apologies for their misuse of public trust in leadership. They believed that the people were shallow in the understanding of their politics of theatrics and gimmicks. They feigned repentance and thought the people would forget their monumental looting that impoverished them. Yes, as a prodigal political party; one without the least of credibility, they thought, and how wrong they were, that the people were victims of selective amnesia. Imolites? No way!

In just a stint in power, having stolen the political mandate here in IMO for less than 8 months, they reinvented themselves in duplicity, open rape of IMO treasury and a bitter aftertaste of kleptocracy. What more is left of their game of deceit?

Now, to further show their politics of deceit, they have stopped at nothing to cover the eyes of the public with the sands of their lies and propaganda. They are happy with the calamitous turn of the #EndSars hijack by hoodlums and obviously provided the steam behind the mindless destruction of public and private assets as well as the killing in cold-blood of security agents on duty. Yes, they served the devil and his fallen angels. Yes, the backlashes of that foolhardy adventure by the hoodlums are obviously songs of political values to the desperate desperadoes guised as opposition elements. Tufiakwa PDP! NO SHAME. NO TRUE REMORSE.

Who thinks a leopard can change the spots on its skin?

In just 7 months, a whooping sum of THIRTY EIGHT BILLION NAIRA (#38,000,000,000.00) seized by EFCC from another thieving predecessor-government headed by Rochas Okorocha of the left-wing and
the head of the decapitated and dismantled political dynasty (handed over to Ihedioha), vamoosed with no trace of a single completed project in IMO. At least, one commissioned project would have done something to account for the money handed over to the gang of usurpers. Just one, not two! But nay, none at all.
Note, too, the federal allocations came from Abuja all the 7 months. Do the arithmetics. The Ihedioha government also took loans from here and there! This is also added to the IGR regime of over #1.2billion per month for 7months without today’s issues of a near zero IGR inflow.

In the midst of poverty in IMO, the PDP government started again their looting and stealing, forgetting that they once apologized or rather, derided themselves to have so done.

They started the thieving with the 27 simultaneously-phantomly constructed Stadia in all the 27 Local Government Areas here in IMO State, akin to Rochas Okorocha’s vumvam deceit of the 27 health facilities and uneventful monuments that gulped #1B each! And you wondered what economic values those 27 abandoned stadia had impacted on a people coming out from an 8-year economic emasculation under Okorocha. They tried the white-elephant projects, too, of building 27 Administrative blocks in all the 27 LGAs, all at the same time! Today, the 27 stadia only exist in dreams, leaving in its wake a wrecked State treasury and an aftertaste of mindless stealing. These stadia and Administrative blocks opened the treasury of the State for a coordinated looting while the kparawos played to the gallery with the RebuildImo mantra.

Yes, road contracts were awarded for the gains of theatrics and public deceit. Yes, about 27 of them. Monies were paid out in hundreds of Billions and cornered again as kickbacks. The contractors marked time till the Supreme Court hammer fell. No single road contract/job was completed and or commissioned. Not even one!

We saw a case of RebuildSelf in IMO rather than RebuildImo. Yes, as Imolites were “begged” to wait for the rains to stop, there were massive RebuildSelf projects in Owerri here and lots more in Mbutu Mbaise. We all saw how work progressed at Ihedioha’s hotel at New Owerri. It was a night-and-day construction site. Also, we witnessed how Ihedioha practically relocated his five households-neighbours in his Mbutu village house and fenced in all their compounds to his mansion to replicate Okorocha’s feat at Spibat. The speed and pace of Emeka Ihedioha’s house/hotel constructions halted on 14th January, 2020 up and until now.
Contrast this with the fact that the Governor of IMO State, Dist Sen Hope Uzodinma has not added a single block to his lone building here in Omuma, IMO State, nor has he painted a room in his native home since he assumed office here as Governor.

Thieves everywhere! And tactless ones at that!

Contrast the past with the present. Today, the Shared Prosperity Government of Dist Sen Hope Uzodinma has achieved so much in such so little a time and within the perilous global atmosphere of Coronavirus pandemic.
New contracts were awarded and old ones continued with in a show of political maturity. Signature projects of quality and relevance to the economic welfare of Imolites have seen the light of the day. Take a count: Relief Market Road wonder; Chukwuma Nwaoha massive drainage construction; Aladinma Ring roads fully completed; Ring roads behind Concord Hotel Owerri; namely; Thomas Moore, etc; Douglas Road revolution; St Mary’s Road Okigwe; St Joseph’s Catholic Church Roundabout Orlu; etc etc. All within the first 7 months!
On healthcare, a mobile sophisticated healthcare system manned by qualified doctors and nurses are today rendering services to the rural dwellers. Each of the 27 Local Government Areas in IMO has an equipped ambulance bus for emergencies; the civil servants today enjoy free to-and-fro comfortable transport scheme, the Permanent Secretaries enjoy the luxury of their own official tear-rubber cars ( the first in about 20 years!); IMO women have seen and witnessed enormous share of prosperity; the Youths in IMO are currently having their own share of prosperity; etc.

The 3R government is here for real; to render services to Imolites and through diligent commitment to the good of all see off the enemies of IMO who claim a status of Political Opposition off to their deserved oblivion. From time to time, from the wilderness of their frustrations, we expect their pulsating chants and rants. We shall keep IMO reconstructed, rehabilitated and recovered.

Governance is responsibility. And this government of Shared Prosperity is a responsible one

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