Wike, the denial of his Igbo origin and conscious destruction of lives in Obigbo

From time immemorial, peoples’ lives and events have proven to be full of deceits, idiocy and stupidity to the extent that many go as far as denying their parents, status, religion or family lineage in order to get money or whatever that brings happiness instead of joy.

Esau was the first to deny his status as the first son and heir apparent to his father Isaac over a plate of porridge yam from his kid brother Jacob. Till date, that carefree attitude and conscious mistake remained a curse to Esau and his lineage. Judas Iscariot was the only person among the Apostles that was a kinsman to Jesus Christ, both hailed from Nazareth and for that pretty reason, Judas was picked by Christ as the Treasurer of the Apostles. Alas, Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus Christ, wickedly sold him to His killers over three shillings and handed Him over to be killed. He (Judas) actually paid with his blood because traitors and betrayers die miserably any time, any day.

Now to our subject matter which is Gov. Nyesom Ezebunwa Nwaike, Wike for short. The oil-rich state governor without mincing words rode on the back of Ndigbo to emerge governor of Rivers in 2015 and 2019 respectively, yet a Wike got the soul and lever to treat the Igbo in Rivers without a drop of mercy. At the peak of the corona virus pandemic, the Lawyer-governor had his knees on the neck of Igbo traders at the popular Ikokwu motor parts market and ensured they never breathed economically. Rivers belongs to Ndigbo and there are no controversies about this important piece of history.

Gov. Wike had been mis-behaving all along and had a number of stories around him that had to do with blood-letting but had been pretending to be a Messiah of sort. His state has always been described as “Rivers of blood” because of the quantum of blood wasted and still wasting by cultists pro and anti Wike but the governor has always denied such factual claims, heaping the whole blame on the former Gov. Chibuike Amaechi and the APC. Till date, Wike is still leaving in denial and playing the ostrich. He is getting done with governorship and now plotting his next political graph that may in his wildest imagination be in Aso Rock. For this singular selfish reason, denying his origin and ancestry is a must do.

Endsars protest that erupted nation-wide as the Arab spring was a tool Wike grabbed and began to unleash terror on his supposedly Igbo kinsmen particularly in Obigbo aka Oyigbo. While other governors blamed the protests on the youths and hoodlums that later hijacked same, Wike blamed it on IPOB due to the personal scores he had with Nnamdi Kanu and his evil ambition to become Nigeria’s Vice President in 2023.

He did not only proscribe IPOB to impress his masters in the Caliphate but branded it a terrorist group and subsequently commanded the killing and massacre of IPOB members in Rivers state. Already he had painted the picture that Ikwere where he comes from, is not Igbo, as such Obigbo being the epicenter of non Rivers Igbos became a flash point and pool of blood as commanded by General Wike. Today, tens and dozens of non Rivers-Igbo have been killed by soldiers courtesy of Wike’s 24hour curfew that precipitated the invasion of innocent people’s homes in Obigbo by soldiers.

We in the Nigerian Newsguide wish to join men and women of good conscience to condemn in strongest terms the Obigbo massacre whilst blaming it on Wike. We call on President Muhammadu Buhari, the National Human Rights Commission and the National Assembly to set up an independent Panel of Inquiry to ascertain the number of souls wasted in Obigbo with a view to giving justice to them all.

We call on international lawyers and Human Rights Activists to gather their evidences as quickly as possible and proceed to the International Criminal Court-ICC in the Hague where an Igbo, Justice Chile Osuji is the President, to try and possibly jail Gov. Wike for this heinous and hedious crime against humanity. We wish to however remind Wike that his tenure will come to an end in 30 months time after which his immunity will elapse. Then his ego would be cut to sizes and he will be made to pay for all his atrocious acts, more especially the Obigbo massacre.

Having denied his origin and that of Ikwere, we urge him and his cohorts to kindly as a matter of urgency change their names to suit their “Benin ancestry” and also change their language from Igbo to Benin.
We assure Wike that he will not go unpunished over this his latest voyage of blood. Those who live by wasting the lives of others shall have their own lives wasted. We must in this nation as it is in some climes have respect and regard for the worth, dignity and sacrosanctity of human life. Anything short of this, is barbarism and any man found guilty of same must first be treated as a wild animal and subsequently made to die because blood is not universal solvent that could be wasted anyhow.

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