By Chidi Emeagi

An anonymous quote: A friend in power is friend lost is one quote that is not only the truth but truth of all truths. When once your old time friend ascends into position of high responsibility or sees some kind of wealth around him, he tends to forget his past and goes all out to re-configure his contacts to suit his now big status in the society.

He becomes socially stratified and recruits new friends both male and female, not knowing that his now “heavy weight friends” would liter him as soon he exits his position or his wealth suddenly disappears.

But there is one man, who has proven this above quotable quote wrong, who has also not changed his life style simply because his status or position in life has changed. To the Glory of God, this man under reference still relates with most of his old time friends, school mates and colleagues in office. Moreso, he visits some them in their homes uninvited in some cases.
He is no other person than Dr. Chibuzo Camilus Iwuagwu, Head of Service, Imo State. His humility, respect for all manner of men and colleagues have endeared him to many, to the effect that his passion for work and excellence in service have manifested so much and appreciated by many even among non-civil servants.

Since his appointment in October 2019, Dr. Iwuagwu has got himself busy with multi-sectorial transformation and turn-around with training and retraining of workers as one of his priority areas to maximize their potentials, outputs and inputs so that Imo will be better served and managed.

Dr. Chibuzor Camilus Iwuagwu who holds a first class honours degree in Mathematics from the University of Nigeria Nsukka and MSc/PhD in Project Management from Federal University of Technology (FUTO) Owerri was until his appointment as Imo Head of Service, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Works, and had also served in the same capacity at Ministries of Education Transport, Commerce/Industry among others. This Owu-Amakohia Ikeduru born unique bureaucrat and enigma of sort is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that civil servants in Imo State are given their pride of place and their due entitlements.
He works round the clock with such a passion only common among those that have job satisfaction.

The backlog of arrears owed pensioners in Imo gives Iwuagwu headache and worry. 24/7, he is seen working and sometimes soliloquizing over the plight of his retired colleagues, most of whom have become sick and physically unfit again. The workaholic HOS has cleared an appreciable number of pensioners and still counting.

Many of them have received their October, 2020 pensions, including arrears of five-six months in bulk. Some weekends, Dr. Iwuagwu denies himself all enjoyment and family togetherness to work in his office with few staff of his, just to treat some files and documents with dispatch and get them ready for onward transmission to the governor or elsewhere.

He is known to have the policy of not having files and memos untreated 48 hours after they get to his table. A visit to his office would give you a strong conviction that Imo HoS is more than committed to his job. He diligently, cheerfully but painstakingly discharges his responsibilities with such a wonderful and uncommon team spirit.
He had been recognized by the Federal government, winning National Productivity merit award because of his passion and excellence in service long before his elevation to HOS position and has maintained such posture till date.

May I seize this medium to urge this great public service guru to look inwards and right some wrongs in some MDAs under his control. One of such wrongs is the improper placement of Nurses on grade level-8 instead of grade level-9. These nurses especially those employed in 2017 cry everyday and have a document from the Head of Service of the Federation indicating that their entry point into state of Federal civil service is grade level-9 and not grade level-8. They argue that they spent five years in the universities, did their NYSC and internship but most unfortunately still employed on grade-level 8 when their colleagues in other states and Abuja entered service on grade level-9.

Another wrong Dr. Iwuagwu should right, is to ensure that the promotion of Imo workers which had been withheld since 2012 and 2013 are released. A memo to His Excellency and follow-up among other moves can do much in this regard.
Having dropped this piece of advice, I hereby again, salute and commend Dr. Camillus Chibuzor Iwuagwu for his passion and excellence in service, and the path of honor (scandal free) he has toed since 13 months he has been on the saddle as HoS Imo State. To God be the Glory.

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