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2023 Presidency: Ndigbo should be forceful in their demands

For the umpteenth time, Southeast people appear not to believe in anything Presidency in 2023. The zone by every calculation and permutation is highly favoured to produce the President of Nigeria come 2023. Many, especially those from the north who care less about the unity, equity, political balancing and fairness are still hoping and expecting to retain power in the region that would have completed its eight years by 2023.

Most of our people in the southeast are very much at home with the erroneous and leftist impression that once the north produces a presidential candidate, that person is automatically the winner. The propounders and promoters of this theory curiously hold tenaciously to the fact that the North is one indivisible entity. They jettison overboard the fact that North Central is never in support of the plan to retain power in the north beyond 2023.

The North Central we know is even more marginalized by their so called northern brothers and they are ready to do anything to change the status quo. It beats our imagination that all the calculations ahead of 2023 as per plans to retain power in the north is for the northwest up to 90 percent. The ten percent remaining is for the northeast without any sympathy for the North Central, what an irony. It is a total aberration and absurdity of no earthly comparison for full bred Igbo to push for and imagine a Tambuwal as President of Nigeria come 2023, coming from the same northwest where Buhari, the exiting President hails from.

Buhari come to think of it ran for the president of this nation four good times as Mai Gaskiya meaning the most honest and decent man yet he didn’t win until he courted Southwest. The north holds the axe and determines whatever that happens in Nigeria politically according to many, yet Obasanjo not only completed his tenure to the surprise of many northerners in 2007 and roundly installed a Yar’dua as his successor, strategically positioning Jonathan as his Vice.

When Yar’dua, the best and most detriblized president Nigeria ever had died, the north felt shortchanged by death and insisted that Jonathan must give way after completing his joint tenure with his dead boss in 2011. But Obasanjo like the Rock of Gibratha stood behind Jonathan and he eventually won. What we are saying in earnest is that it only takes a hand shake across the Niger to emerge president of Nigeria. The north with their overrated political value and overblotted population can’t produce Nigeria’s president even when the person wins 95 percent of all the votes in that region.

It therefore behooves on the southeast to begin now to loudly demand to have a short at the highest office in the land. Her leaders must drop their ego and selfish interest and be faultlessly United in their demand. They should as quickly as possible reach out to the North particularly the North Central and possibly strike a deal. In doing that, Buhari, IBB, Abdulsalami Abubakar and Gowon among many others must be consulted.

Southeast should subtly tell Dr Goodluck Jonathan the home truth as per the role of Ndigbo in his presidential election twice and seek his support and that of the South south. Governor Wike appears not to be on same page again with Jonathan and this fact should not be swept under the carpet.
Southeast political, religious, business and traditional Leaders must meet outside the usual charade under the auspices of Ohanaeze and Governors Forum in Enugu that has never yielded any good result.

Archbishop Emmanuel Chukwuma if possible should be allowed to convene such meeting. The age long pessimism and never-can-do spirit among Ndigbo must be dealt with spiritually and otherwise. Under an Igbo Presidency, Nigeria will rise again, restructured and positioned to rule the world. This is the basic truth. The Biafran spirit is a too-hard to die spirit but with Igbo Presidency and restructuring, the agitations, tension and animosity among the Southeast people will drop to almost zero level. We as are pan Igbo medium support the zoning of APC, PDP presidential tickets to southeast in 2023 in order to save Africa’s most populous nation from sliding. In doing this, our leaders and indeed Ndigbo in general must be at the fore front of this all important life time project and must drop off their defeatist mentality now or never.

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