Ohanaeze Presidency: Prof Chidi Osuagwu candidacy gaining wider acceptance

Aside his recent endorsement by a number of Pan-Igbo groups across the globe, Prof Chidi Osuagwu’s candidacy has continued to swell, gaining wider acceptance each new day. The Ohanaeze President position is currently zoned to Imo state and emphasis have been on the need for Ndigbo to get a man from Imo who is sound, decent, out-spoken and grounded in Igbo culture and cosmology.

Most of the top Igbo leaders in the Academia, Media, Law, Corporate bodies, politics, public service, etc who are discerning and obviously sad with the pitiable place of Ndigbo in Nigeria are of the view that Prof Chidi Osuagwu is the man to lead the Igbo nation now, in order to recover her lost glory.

Nigerian Newsguide opinion survey in Imo State recently shows something close to acceptance pyramid bulging around the candidature of Prof, Chidi Osuagwu. Those interviewed however craved for anonymity obviously due to their business and political interest. The governor of Imo State and South East Governors including non-Igbos at the centre in Abuja are said to be rooting for an Ohanaeze president that will not be a nut too hard to crack so as not to mount a road block against All Progressive Congress incursion in the zone.

The hoi-poloi and the non-formal sector in Ala Igbo are also insisting on having an Ohanaeze president that will not end up a woman and a robot too.

Chinonso Onyekwere, Charles Ukaigwe and Uzoma Nwanyanwu who are business men in Alaba market in Owerri told our reporter that Dr. Chris Asoluka was their candidate. When told that the man in question may not be in the race, they demanded to know those already in the ring and Prof. Chidi Osuagwu’s name then was mentioned, they welcomed his candidacy and vowed to push for his success in their own little way.

Meanwhile, a Pan-Igbo group, OHA-IGBO FORUM has adopted Prof. Chidi Osuagwu as its candidate for the forthcoming Ohanaeze Ndigbo presidential election. The group hinged its support on the fact that the powerful academic guru and great Imolite is a complete Igbo man who does not belong to the caliphate.

OHA-IGBO Forum members who are diplomats, international scholars, media gurus, business moguls, etc insist that the Igbo political ideology, security architecture, socio-economic life in Nigeria and perception needed total overhaul and reconfiguration, as such, Prof Chidi Osuagwu is the man with the personality, character, vision and magic wand to achieve all of the above-mentioned agenda.

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