Christmas season, crime and anti-social activities

Each end of the year, people more especially the young ones put themselves into unnecessary pressure and dreaming big about the kind of opulence and display of emergency riches aimed at impressing others.

In most cases small business owners tend to sell everything they have in their shops and proceed home with all the proceeds only to come back to base by January and start life afresh again. Some go as far as borrowing to buy new or fairly used cars and other mobilities to impress their parents and or girl friends and possibly convince them that they are doing well in the cities when that is not correct. This undue pressure during the Yuletide lead men into indulging and committing all sorts of crimes and heinous acts.

While the female ones go into prostitution, the male folks go into illicit drug courriering, kidnapping, armed robbery, assassination, etc. They tend to forget that the few days of celebration have no bearing with display of wealth or eating like Kings and Princes but a lot more of knowing, appreciating and celebrating the reason for the season which is Jesus Christ and His mission of Redemption to man, a feat he gloriously achieved with the help and mandate of His father.

If only that we fully realized the meaning and the very essence of Christmas, traders will not ordinarily hike prices of goods especially food items and wears. Transport companies and drivers would not for any reason arbitrarily increase transport fares and continue to drive recklessly on top of speed to make more returns. Security agencies, if they know the import of the season would not oppress and criminalize commuters on the road with a view to extorting them. Statistics have shown that road mishaps triple in the Ember months particularly December.

We call on all to be circumspect and never indulge in those things that would put their lives on the line just for Christmas. Life has no duplicate as such, there is no need putting your life in danger and unnecessary panic to make others believe you are doing well. We must say no to drug abuse, crime and anti social activities in this Christmas.
Spend according to your income and remember that January is always harsh.

Prioritize your spending and avoid too many events where you are expected to make donations so that people will clap for you. The season is meant for man and not man for the season. Christ is therefore the reason for the season and His peace that passes all understanding should be felt in our homes, communities and workplaces. This is all that it entails this period.

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