Outrage over short-payments, Fake naira notes dispensed by bank ATMs

As the Yuletide season is closing in, a lot of criminal minded individuals have devised means of defrauding unsuspecting members of the public with a view to making money by every means to sustain or activate their fake flamboyant life style. Aside several tactics employed to hoodwink and entrap their victims in their criminal web ranging from fake money doubling entreaties, networking and Bitcoin businesses, the latest in town now is the alleged dispensing of fake Naira notes by some commercial banks across Nigeria.

Some customers particularly in Owerri, Kano, Lagos, Onitsha and Portharcout recently complained of either being short-paid or outrightly given fake Naira notes from banks’ automated teller machines. A particular customer who refused to give her name confided in our reporter that her last week experience in one of the banks in Onitsha was incredibly heart-cracking.
According to her, she had innocently visited an ATM belonging to one of the commercial banks, names withheld to draw some cash to buy food stuffs and after making the withdrawals, she left without any iota of suspicion or fear that the notes were counterfeit.

She said she proceeded to the market and after purchases, she brought out same and only 30,000 Naira notes she withdrew from the bank and was shocked to her bone marrows that all the notes were “wash wash” mint counterfeit 1000 notes. She explained that apart from insults hurled on her by food item sellers and embarrassment therein, she left the market without the food items in tears.

She noted that when she got bank to the said bank to possibly complain, the security men told her that the financial institution had closed for the day and that she should come back on Monday since that day was Friday.
Another man in Owerri also narrated a sordid and unimaginably sad story of his experience wherein he made withdrawals from one ATM in a location and counted the money immediately only to discover that the N20,000 he actually withdrew was only N15,000.

According to him, bank officials and some operators who load cash on ATMs must be held responsible for this latest act of fraud and criminality of disproportionate magnitude.

Nigerian Newsguide couldn’t confirm the veracity or otherwise of the claims of these two victims as at press time but spoke with one bank official who not only condemned the act but also encouraged the said victims of the ATM fraud to officially lodge their complaints with the affected banks for proper investigation and punishment of those found culpable in the illicit act capable of damaging the good image of Nigeria’s financial institutions.

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