Wike : Using Igbos as Tool for his Presidential ambition

I have waited patiently to see the reaction of Ohaneze Ndi lgbo and South East governors over the massacre of lgbos in Obigbo,Rivers State which was facilitated by no less a person than the governor of the state, Nyesom Wike and l am appalled at the cowardice exhibited by lgbo leaders.

Looking at the political system in Nigeria, it is very clear that winning the presidential election of this country without the full support and backing of the North is practically impossible. This is so because of the real or imaginary population of the northern states.

To gain a massive support from the north, I discovered that a particular system has been discovered by politicians as a quick access, this is what I call the “like what I like and hate what I hate” syndrome
What could this be? Well, let’s diagnose a part of it.

Considering the fact the Northern part of Nigeria are predominantly Muslim, you will forgive me to generalize. One of the things Muslims so much love and ready to die for is their religion. I have no issue with that. Their passion for their religion is so high that they welcome and show great regard to anyone coming from other religion to associate with them.

To this, politicians coming from other part of the country quickly embrace their religion whenever they are nursing presidential ambitions because they know too well that by so doing, they will buy their empathy. Now, you can understand the reason why politicians from the south suddenly act the way they do.
They have two options: becoming artificial or full time Muslims. They begin to take titles and sponsor projects for the cause of Islam. If you want me to site cases, I will be quick in mentioning Senator Owelle Rochas Okorocha, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu and the likes.

Well, this is on the strength of “like what we like” what about hating what we hate?
The current administration of President Buhari is very good at accusing people of making hate speeches. Don’t be surprised to hear that the minister of Information saying same about my next point. I may be accused by some persons that what I am about saying should be termed a hate speech.
Well no man sees beyond what his mind can see. So those with massive seed of hatred will be justified to see my truthful observation as such. I was born and brought up in the North just as Moses was (in Egypt), and part of the things I know about them is their hatred for Ndi Igbo.

Its just a very few of them that see Igbo as people who are worth living. This is not a hidden fact even to any politician vying for the position of president of Nigeria. They smartly take advantage of this to catch the attention of the Northerners. How do they get this done?
All they do is to use any means humanly possible to develop and prove a seed of hatred towards Igbo nation.
They become hostile on Ndi Igbo. Very unfortunately, even fellow Igbos seeking for federal positions have also joined in proving to the entire country that they themselves don’t also like their fellow Igbo brothers as they express such through betrayals and other means. This attitude can also be seen on the list of the aforementioned.

No doubt, virtually everyone in this God blessed country will see Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe as a joker if he decides to wake up one morning to announce his interest to Nigerians in running for the office of presidency. He will be mocked, not because he is not qualified but because he has never keyed and will not be that foolish and selfish to hate his Igbo brothers or speak ill of them.

His Excellency Nyeso Wike of Rivers State has in the recent times done great things that baffled the entire country. He has received standing ovation and applauds from brave men. Wike has proven to all that he is capable of dismountling the strong hold currently facing the country.
Within this time, Nigerians have been calling on him to take a step of faith in running for the office of presidency. The Wike who might not have thought about such is now no doubt desperate for same.Being a smart politician, he is familiar with the system of “like what I like and hate what I hate syndrome”. This is why Wike wants to buy the heart and sympathy of the North by attacking the Igbo nation.

Apart from his recent action, his speeches has always pointed at separating himself from the Igbo people. Yes! I am not a member of IPOB but I know the name “IPOB” is now seen as a nickname of Igbos just like Aboki represents Hausa man. To this, an attack on IPOB is just like an attack on Igbos. (quoting the saying: an attack on Boko Haram is an attack…).

Go on social media and you will see how people from different political zones refer to every Igbo man as IPOB. With this, same people also have the believe that an attack on IPOB is an attack on every Igbo man. But was the Oyigbo saga actually targeted at IPOB or Igbos?

While we think over that.
My one billion question to Wike is… “Why the sudden hatred on Ndi Igbo?”
Presidential Ambition calling.
I wish I could smile in Hebrew.
My thought.

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