Chukwuemeka Ibegbulem speaks on the academic classification, rehabilitation and maintance culture confronting poor learning attitude in achieving a successful career choice.

The Elementary school system, plus Middle school system has demonstrated total slow process in the education system which today our dear country, State and Local government authorities worries about it with much thinking on the possible solution.

This Decline is as a result of the past colonial methodology lost in training and discipline which affect supervision and curriculum in the school system. The break down of our children altitude and drive to school plays a major role to national indicator, poverty and in Heathy learning Environment.

Our children begins to account for drop outs in school with Lazier Fair attitude towards learning due to observed unemployment graduates rate in Nigeria and her unconcerned value to live. Almost everywhere in the rural areas in Nigeria one finds Primary/ Elementary school system is not secured or guided by professional security agent ( Public or Private ) as it is employed in the western world for service delivery “Secondary and Primary” to protect children from unscrupulous Vandals.

The School and Academic Management board begins to Decline in their respective role of challenging the colonial standard therefore scholars emerge as a school drop out and street guy or boys. It is a common sight for negative impulse from the children rebelling against discipline, counseling and advice for a better future.

Mr Chukwuemeka Ibegbulem, Founder of the Emelong Foundation extended charity, and community outreach benefactors to the displaced homemakers, Poor and Poverty handicapped Children, school pupils (Financial Aid and Travel Sponsorship Award). since 2007 to this date.

This scheme has been going on among the residence in Isiozi-Akah Automonus Community and her neighboring communities. Further more Emelong Foundation established free meal “Food Bank” covering 350 Scholars at St Joseph’s Primary School now Riverside Primary School also.

The foundation has sponsored more five students abroad for career enhancement and profession. Finally Emelong Foundation has completed an “A BLOCK REFACTORY HOUSE” at the cost of N14,000000 serving two square meal a day covering 350 pupils every school days since 2017 to date.

Recently completed pipe borne hole for drinkable water that serves the school pupils and recidence residing close to the school premises. Ongoing project from the Emelong Foundation is to fence the school premises so as to avoid property vandalization, tresspass for easy child sexual abuse or kidnapping through faceless hawkers.

The state government should launch a campaign/ seminers to enlighten the residents and parents on how to cultivate Food Bank and security in their respective Primary / Elementary Schools, while the Local government Area Should establish a comprehensive plan to inspect community on their Primary Schools for proper maintenance culture Vs payment of fine as punishment incase of violation.

Mr Chukwuemeka Ibegbulem who has been residing in Germany since 2004, observed from his study on poverty epidemic, dangers from hawkers and criminal acts of the vandals that resulted in victimization of able bodied men, women and children to lose their lives thus causing anguish and sorrows in the communities across the nation.

The Arms of government should employ public and private security agents to the level of educational program, ( Elementary/ Secondary/ University ) concept of the western world for security assurance and Protection guarantee in restating academic Standard of our dear country.

Mr. Chukwuemeka Ibegbulem
Founder of Emelong Foundation, Isiozi-Akah Njaba L.G.A

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