Umuodu Vigilante nab three thieves, hand them over to police

By Stanley Okehie

Gallant security operatives of Umuihugba Umuodu Autonomous Community in Owerri Municipal Council Area of Imo State, Saturday, arrested three thieves with stolen air conditioner and handed them over to the police.

The thieves who were driving on L-300 hummer bus that has no plate number, were caught wee hours of the morning (at about 3am) on their way to sell the stolen item at the popular ama-hausa market in Owerri.

Though the thieves denied that the item was stolen, one of them, Chibuzo Onyeagwara, a driver, however refused involving the police into the matter. According to him, the owner of the AC, Ifeanyi Nnadozie contracted him to carry the property from Atta in Ikeduru LGA to Ama-Hausa in Owerri, where he (Nnadozie) intended to dispose the property and pay him off.

“My name is Chibuzo Onyeagwara from Inyishi Atta, Ikeduru LGA, am a driver, my route is Anara to Okigwe. I don’t know anything about the AC, I was only contracted to drive them to Ama-Hausa. I had told them to wait till day break but they refused. We left Atta around 12 – 1am and passed many police checkpoints without any disturbance. I am surprised that these security people arrested me and said I am a thief.”

Ifeanyi Nnadozie who claims ownership of the AC said he bought it in Lagos with the intention to use it in his father’s house at Oka Ugiri in Isiala Mbano LGA. He claimed that he had no money to take care of his wife who recently put to bed and that informed his decision to sell the property

Nnadozie said his initial plan was to use the property as collateral to borrow money from any willing individual but couldn’t get a client. He said that a friend had told him he could dispose the property at Ama-Hausa market in Owerri and dismissed the allegation that he stole the AC while appealing to the vigilante officers to release him and his friends.

On why he had to embark on such journey at that hour, Nnadozie blamed the driver (Onyeagwara) for coming late.
He however released his wife’s phone number to confirm he didn’t steal the item.
When dialed, the phone was said to be switched off.

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