Why Okorocha should face his senatorial businesses – Batos Nwadike

Scores Uzodimma high on achievements in one year

Chief Batos Nwadike is the Special Adviser to Governor Hope Uzodimma on Political Matters. Popularly known as Oyi of Igboland, Batos is confident that the Governor is standing on a sure footing and his administration will definitely, bring good tidings to the people of the State.

Oyi, in an interview with Nigerian Newsguide weekend, scored Uzodimma high in his first year in office, while cautioning detractors to steer clear.
Oyi said it is anti-democratic for Senator Rochas Okorocha to continue to meddle in the workings and running of Imo State, where he held sway for eight years and advised the Imo West Senator to park and go and face his senatorial businesses.

The PDP in the State has said that the governor has achieved nothing. APGA only yesterday issued a statement and scored the governor zero. As a political adviser, is that correct?

They can say what they like but it’s evident. What the governor has achieved and he is still achieving is evident. Imo people know that the governor has achieved alot, especially in terms of road infrastructure. The governor has done so well. He has several roads completed and under construction to his credit.
These roads are evident. What do they mean? Are they saying that the governor should go and create new roads? I don’t understand them because I’ve been reading it in the internet too. Are they saying he should go and create new roads? If the government is able to maintain, expand, dualize the roads, he has done well especially when the roads are not China roads. The roads are built to standard. I think the governor should be commended.

Then in terms of other areas like the civil service, the governor came in, bought cars for government appointees, bought cars for judges, bought Coaster buses that convey civil servants to and fro work each new day with breakfast and lunch package. That is a huge welfare package, morale booster and enhances efficiency, and should be regarded as achievement and other things the governor has done.

The governor has recreated and refurbished the government house into a more habitable place and remember that all these achievements were done under covid-19 and ENDSARS, I think he has achieved alot. He may not have achieved 100%, of course, there is no way he could have done that, he is just one-year-old, but those who want to say he has achieved nothing are misguided or they are misinformed or they are politically wicked people who can be clearly described as political enemies of progress. So the governor has achieved.

Politically, is the governor standing on a sure footing considering what is happening in APC and frosty relationship with the former governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha?

Hope Uzodinma is as strong as the rock of Gibraltar. There can only be one governor at a time. There can be no two governors in a state at a time. Therefore, when I read about people like Senator Ethelbert Okorocha and his group who say they will go to court to challenge their dissolution, I am persuaded to start to think if they are psychologically stable because the question of party supremacy should play out, they know that the highest organ of a political party is the National Convention, followed to that is the National Executive Council which is NEC, followed to that is National Working Committee (NWC), therefore if the NEC of someone’s party has dissolved something up to ward level and chapter and I think every state has representation in the NEC, I think it should be accepted, if you don’t accept, it is either you go to a new party or you go to court. Therefore, Uzodinma is in good relationship with Okorocha unless, whenever there are infractions like in the last Okorocha regime, Uzodimma should be bold enough to tell him he is the Chief Servant, that may not amount to quarrel because nobody can condone misdemeanors from political correctness. We call a spade a spade.

The governor has always denied the fact that he is quarreling with Okorocha, what is behind their rift, is it that the former governor wants his senate position and still needs the current governor to vacate the seat.

When somebody finishes his tenure, he should park and go, he cannot come and be talking of a state where you have ruled for eight years. It is anti-democratic to continue to come and meddle in the workings and running of the state government because you were once a governor there. If your tenure runs out, you are done with whatever is going on in that state, except as a stakeholder, you can make your contributions or as an individual but no more in the running of the administration of the state.

Which government will fold its arms when somebody is saying he wants to put his inlaw as governor? Other people are politicians too, they may not want you to put your inlaw, and it will create a political logjam or a façade of quarrelsomeness, I think if anybody is quarreling, It’s Senator Okorocha that is quarreling with himself because he doesn’t understand the workings of presidential system of government. His tenure has finished. He should go and face his senatorial businesses than coming to wave hands in market square.

It’s already one year, are there areas you would want the governor to improve on?

This governor is prepared and intentional. I can tell you that I approve of his steps, the steps he has taken so far to bring good governance and prosperity to Imo State. I do not critically fault these steps, he is determined to pursue road infrastructure and other areas of governance like agriculture, education, etc. He is determined and I think he is doing well.

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