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Uzodimma’s Aides hungry, poor, looking like errand boys to Village Headmasters – Group

A group under the aegis, New Nigeria Development Ambassadors (NNDA) has revealed that Aides to Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodimma are in dire need of financial assistance and bailout too.
According to the group, Uzodimma’s aides are the most unkempt in Nigeria, so poor and hungry looking.
Coordinator of New Nigeria Development Ambassadors Comrade Nnamdi Ijezie in an exclusive interview with Nigerian Newsguide weekend informed that Gov. Uzodimma’s aides from Commissioners, Special Advisers to Senior Special Assistants and Special Assistants are bunch of hungry folks safe for a few of the Commissioners serving in juicy and self-sustaining Ministries.
Ijezie alleged that his investigations and findings since past five months he has been around in Owerri upon his return from Abuja point to the fact that these aides are officially short-paid both in salary and allowances including normal monthly imprest given to them to run their various offices.
”National Salary, Income and Wages Commission is solely responsible for the approval of whatever emoluments and monetary packages for public officials but I doubt if Imo state government as it is now makes any reference to this Commission as per payments made to Gov. Uzodimma’s aides.
For crying out loud, a Special Adviser under the 1999 constitution as amended is Commissioner equivalent but in Imo my state, Special Advisers look so haggard, beggarly and unkempt. Same could be said of other aides of our dear governor, they don’t even look like PAs to Local Government Chairmen or Councilors but look like errand boys to Village Headmasters that helped them gather compost manure in their farms and stake their yam in those our Primary School days”
The NNDA boss however noted that at least 80% of Uzodimma’s appointees currently starved of fund as they cannot ordinarily pay their bills are surprisingly still loyal to their master.
”Most of these men and women cannot pay their official and unofficial bills, don’t pick their phone calls because of any monetary demand from supporters or family members including paying to publicize their programs.
Recently they were reportedly said to be owing Concord Hotel over N34 million, some don’t even have official cars yet, it miffed me to discover that 80% of them are still loyal to their Onwa Onyoko”.
The group therefore advised the Gov. Uzodimma not to take their loyalty for granted but should try as soon as possible to release all their slashed salaries and allowances including imprest due to these appointees to forestall a possible revolt that may consume the governor politically.
Meantime, the Commissioner for Information and Strategy Declan Mbadiwe Emelumba has been accused of always dominating and blackmailing his colleagues as a means to curry favor from the governor.
Nigerian Newsguide gathered that part of Emelumba’s antics is the alleged usurping of the official functions of his colleagues particularly his insistence of being the spokesperson of the government as well as that of the governor, which is not normal anywhere in Nigeria.
Emelumba according to sources reportedly confided in the governor that he is the only person qualified to address the press on any issue whether in his Ministry or elsewhere and the governor appears to have bought into that hook, line and sinker, the source said.
Our medium learnt that the new order in Government House now is that, other appointees must not speak on any official issue but Emelumba except with clearance from either the Information Commissioner or the governor.
“How can Emelumba be issuing statements conveying new appointments to the public when the governor has a Chief Press Secretary and other direct aides in the media department in government house. At the national scene, Femi Adesina and Shehu Garba are personal aides of Mr. President and are responsible for issuing Press statements when issues pertaining the President in particular are considered”, a source hinted our medium.

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