Why Nigerian Senate should halt Buratai and Co from holding diplomatic positions

A time has come in our dear nation when men and women holding Public offices must start renting a soul. There’s so much bitterness, anger and anguish in the land as a result of the wickedness and indifference of those on the corridors of power. None has a soul and conscience and it’s about time we rented some soul for them.

The mass murder of Nigerians which became very much activated with the senseless execution of one Yusuf by former Borno state governor, Ali Modu Sheriff has thrown Nigeria into an endless era of blood letting like never before. With Yusuf’s extra-judicial killing in 2009, his men were more emboldened and Boko Haram was subsequently born. From that time till date, Nigeria has not known peace. Today herdsmen, bandits and other militia groups have all taken to arms, kidnapping, killing, maiming and robbing Nigerians without being challenged.

But there are Security Chiefs always appointed from the top echelon of the armed forces to mobilize officers, military hard and soft wares to fight and protect the integrity and sovereignty of our country. Gen. Buratai and others viz Olanisakin, Abbas and Sadiq Abubakar were engaged to salvage the bloody situation in Nigeria. These men of “easy means” disappointed all Nigerians including the man incharge of Aso Rock who will always manifest obvious pretences.

Nigerians in their thousands were massacred including soldiers deployed to the war flashpoints yet Buratai and Co did nothing. Arms and ammunitions acquired in most cases never arrived Nigeria, and so our officers from Army, Police, etc had their throats slitted like chickens by murderous Boko Haram and a certain Buratai and co were less concerned but busied themselves with primitive acquisition of wealth and properties within and without Nigeria. Even when Boko Haram was declared 3rd most dreaded terrorist group in the world, some of their members caught were aided to escape under Buratai.

Gov. Zulum of Borno state and other high profile leaders several times were attacked by Boko Haram in broad daylight but managed to escape by whiskers. Some Local Government Areas particularly in Borno were captured by these beasts of no nation and their flags hoisted without restriction.
Zulum was in tears when he declared that Nigerian Armed forces were incapable of fighting the terrorist group and suggested that President Buhari sought international assistance. This declaration by Zulum was one indictment too many to Buratai and Co, and should have forced them to resign if it were in saner climes but rather the stranglehold by Buratai and Co became more obvious and tougher.

Nigerians cried out to Buhari to sack the Service Chiefs. Bandits and herdsmen raped and murdered many, then came a weak Senate and House of Representatives that complimented the call for the sack of Service Chiefs by Nigerians.
Buhari was to accept the call but without his whole heart. They were sacked however but most unfortunately assigned higher international responsibilities as critical and crucial as diplomatic jobs to the chagrin of all men of good conscience.

The Senate that once chastised them and described them as failure are now out to screen and approve their new jobs, no wonder Chinua Achebe’s historic exclamation: “there was a country”.

We in the Nigerian NEWSGUIDE are sad and grieved at the new top offices assigned to Buratai and gang. We suspect that the President had a secret covenant with them because he was more than prepared to keep them till the end of his full eight year tenure but for the public outcry. Boko Haram and banditry are lucrative enterprises in the North, we all know, but there’s always an end to everything that had a beginning.
Buratai and Co failed big time in their professional military assignments where they had core competencies, and we ask, how will they cope in an entirely strange and technical area that requires high IQ, experience, moral intelligence and supersonic intellect.

We therefore urge the Senate to by any possible means halt these four sacked Security Chiefs from assuming new responsibilities as Nigerian High Commissioners and Envoys. The three men would bring shame, dishonor and international embarrassment to Nigeria should they be allowed to do so. A stitch in time they say, saves nine.

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