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Negotiating with terrorists, bandits in the North but bombarding IPOB/ESN in the East

The age long “born to rule mentality” of the North has become wild and of deadly proportion this time under President Muhammadu Buhari. The North particularly the Fulani tribe has continued to exhibit this character of “we own Nigeria and determine whatever happens” with the highest degree of impunity and to the utter dismay of other tribes.

Buhari came into power in 2015 using crude and unconventional means internally and externally to remove Goodluck Jonathan. He was aided by the Yoruba political force led by Bola Tinubu and a little support from the Southeast spearheaded by Rochas Okorocha. One of Buhari’s strongest external support reportedly came from his Fulani brothers in Africa viz Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, etc. Jonathan saw the gathering of the Hawks and vampires, and decoding the devastating blow they would deal on Nigerians decided to back out whilst congratulating Buhari even when the results were yet to be fully collated.

Since after Buhari’s victory, his brothers especially those imported to unleash mayhem in Nigeria have become more emboldened to the extent that the carry several arms and other assault rifles while moving about the highways, apiam ways and bushes with their cows. Many were, and are still being raped, people’s farms and gardens were invaded and crops, seeds and plenty farm produce eaten up by the cows in the South and Middle belt. Northern governors are aware of this but maintained loud criminal silence.

As if that was not enough, these beasts was to later start kidnapping and abduction on the Abuja-Kaduna-Kano axis among many others, collecting millions of Naira as ransom. This prompted a certain Mr El- Rufai, governor of Kaduna State to let the cat out of the bag by stating the obvious that these killers were not of Nigerian descent. He, (Rufai) recently advised against any idea of negotiating with them by the government, but suggested they be wiped away via bombarding their enclaves.

Today as we write, efforts are on the top gear to release huge sums of money from our sovereign wealth to appease these monsters. They were baptized as bandits instead of terrorists and they coordinate all manner kidnappings more especially that of school children, and the Federal government will always arrange some funds to pay them so that the abductees would be freed. Kankara and Kagara boys in our minds.

In the Southeast, IPOB and Eastern Security Network alongside lives of innocent and law abiding citizens are under threat by the Nigerian Armed Forces. Areas like Amaifeke, Umutanze, Akatta Okporo Orlu town, Awo-idemili just to mention but a few are under airstrikes all in the name of hunting and flushing out ESN and IPOB operatives whose only sin was that they took a vow to protect their territory against Fulani herdsmen militia groups.
We in the Nigerian Newsguide are at memory loss as to imagine the rationale behind the airstrikes in Orlu and it’s environs whereas the likes of Sheik Gunmi is authorized by the government to negotiate with terrorists with a view to pacifying them. We say know to this wickedness and irresponsibility of no earthly comparison by Buhari and those ruling Nigeria with him.

We demand from Governor Hope Uzodimma and his Fulani apologists an apology to Ndigbo, particularIy Imolites living in Orlu areas who are in shock and deep fears over an unwarranted airstrikes in their domain. Many with high blood pressure and other terminal illnesses are dying silently. We say no to the 5th class treatment given to Ndigbo in a country they ordinarily should be treated as number one.
We demand a halt to open grazing and movement of cows by land under any guise. As per the negotiation with the terrorists or whatever name they are given with the sole intendment of pacifying them, we dare the government to do it and see the grave damage it will deal on the already cracked unity of this country.

Igbos are the most marginalized tribe in Nigeria and Buhari’s government has moved the matter from worse to worst with his most lopsided appointments wherein Igbo was never considered worthy to occupy any sensitive position in our so called one Nigeria nation. If they are people that need to be negotiated with at a time like this, it’s those whose farmlands and lives of their loved ones were destroyed by herdmen pastorial activities.

It’s Ndigbo, IPOB, ESN and their likes who have also been at the below bottom in the sharing and or distribution of our common wealth and patrimony. It’s certainly not bandits and herdsmen or terrorists in the North who the Federal or state governments have never offended in any way. The “born to rule mentality” of a particular ethnic group must be dealt with now or never if Nigeria must survive the turmoil it is facing now.

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