Okorocha’s recall impossible unless with “Benjohnson” approach

Group tells Uzodimma

…Advises Imo Gov not to fall for fraudsters that want to rip him off in the name of recall but should focus on recovery of public properties in the hands of Ex-Imo governor than spending fortunes on impossibility.

Imo State governor, Sen. Hope Uzodimma has been advised to take no step further in his effort to recall Ex-gov Rochas Okorocha from the Red Chambers of the National Assembly insisting that the project is a mission impossible except an unconventional approach like that of “Benjohnson” is applied.

National Coordinator New Nigeria Development Ambassadors-NNDA Comrade Nnamdi Ijezie dropped the hint in an interview with Nigerian Newsguide weekend. Ijezie said the provisions of the 1999 constitution as amended regarding Recall of a serving legislator are such that it’s easier for a Carmel to pass through an eye of a needle than to successfully effect a recall.

The New Nigeria Development Ambassadors-NNDA boss said no successful recall had been effected on any serving Lawmaker since the return of democracy in 1999 because of the stringent and unrealizable provisions of the 1999 constitution as amended pertaining recall.
According to Ijezie, almost all recall moves by Constituents, orchestrated by sitting governors or their likes end at the very first stage in the overall recall process which has to do with the drafting of a petition to INEC chairman alleging loss of confidence on a lawmaker which must be signed by one-half of the Constituents and their names arranged according to their polling booths, wards and LGAs.

“The remaining and most stringent two stages of recall process are where the project would suffocate both the sponsor and those executing the project. While the second stage will entail the INEC officials moving from polling units, wards and LGAs to verify the originality and authenticity of the signatures and ascertaining too if such names tally with what are on the voters’ registers after which they fix a referendum, the third and the last stage is all about the referendum which must be carried out under tight security”.

Comrade Nnamdi Ijezie revealed that the first, second and third stages of the Okorocha’s recall would gulp nothing less than 3 billion Naira and not one billion Naira being speculated in Okorocha’s camp. He noted that the Constituents to append their signatures must be given some cash, INEC CHAIRMAN and officials would get mega pay while printers and paper sellers must be paid to produce the bulk of sheets used to enter names of signatories alongside cash for security operatives to guide against possible attack by the supporters of the recallee. The bulk fund to be given to the undertakers of the project, NNDA said, run into hundreds of millions of Naira.

The group therefore cautioned Uzodimma against embarking on such an unreasonable and unrealizable project, alleging that those that sold such dummy to the Governor are desperate political hirelings, who are out to defraud and rip him off.

“Instead of sponsoring Okorocha’s recall, Uzodimma should focus more on recovering many lands and landed properties belonging to Imo state government and various individuals forcefully taken from them by Sen. Okorocha, his family and cronies. Majority of Imolites are behind this very recovery project and Gov. Uzodimma would be simply celebrated when he achieves that. We also advise that the governor uses the monies allegedly appropriated for the dead on arrival recall project to offset arrears of pensions, gratuities and salaries of retirees and serving civil servants in Imo State”

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