Shoot at sight, time for Sheik Gumi to lead security operatives to bandits’ hideouts

A few days ago, President Muhammadu Buhari made a critical statement on the state of insecurity in Nigeria wherein he ordered that any civilian or group of civilians seen bearing AK 47 or other assault rifles should be shot at sight by security operatives. Presidential spokesperson Shehu Garba conveyed Buhari’s statement in a message to the media last week.

The presidency’s long awaited statement came a few days after popular Islamic scholar, SHEIK GUMI wrecked havoc on the corporate image and sensibility of Nigeria and Nigerians by insisting that Bandits, herdsmen and other terrorist groups he recently visited in their hideouts actually had genuine reasons for bearing AK 47 and other weapons of mass destruction.

Gumi had claimed that the bandits should be likened to the Niger Delta militants that took to arms because of the environmental degradation of their homelands due to oil exploration activities whilst little or no attention was paid to their welfare and well-being. Till this moment, Sheik Gumi has not been able to specifically come clean on the said genuine cause the Northern bandits and terrorists had, that led to their bearing arms. The bandits are responsible for most of the kidnappings, killings, arson and deadly cum fatal attacks on government and private facilities in the Northern region of the country for more than two years now.

There’s no gain saying that the Kankara, kagara and most recently the Zamfara school children kidnap were carried out by these beasts of no nation now being negotiated with by Nigerian government with Gumi as the Chief Negotiator and Mediator- General.

The once celebrated Islamic Scholar now valueless was quick to infer and depose that the recent Zamfara School girls kidnap was done by a splinter group of the bandits he had earlier visited and sought to pacify. He was quick also to suggest that both the original and the new splinter group of bandits must be pacified with mouth watering cash if Nigeria must enjoy relative peace.

But down in the Southern Nigeria, vigilante/seccesionist groups and rights activists such as ESN, IPOB, Amotekun and Sunday Igboho are being hounded and hunted down. Nigerian Armed Forces only last month launched a full military operation with air strikes in some communities in Orlu zone of Imo state in search of ESN and IPOB members whose only sin is that they sought to protect and secure their territory against marauding herdsmen and other Fulani incursions in the Southeast.

Some innocent citizens were reportedly killed in the said military operations in Orlu area yet no effort had been made by same Armed Forces to arrest and prosecute Gumi and his deadly Armed bandits in the bushes of Northern Nigeria.

With the latest order from no less a person than President Muhammadu Buhari to the effect that any Civil or group of civilians seen bearing AK 47 and other sundry ammunitions should be shot at sight.
We in the Nigerian Newsguide suppose therefore that it is time for Security Forces to get hold of Sheik Gumi and march him into the forests and hideouts of his friends and comrades for them to be shot at sight so as to rightly and speedily enforce Mr President’s latest order.

Gumi after the shooting of the bandits in the forests aided by himself must be made to face the full weight of the laws of this nation by trying to encourage killer elements taking up arms to threaten the peace and seeking to blow Nigeria into pieces.

The country has never faced the kind of security challenges it is facing now, not even during the NIGERIA-BIAFRA civil war. The only reason we seek Gumi’s arrest and prosecution is because he has not been reportedly seen carrying arms otherwise we could have demanded that the Islamic Scholar be shot at sight by security operatives as directed by the President.
We say no to any thing pacification for bandits, terrorists or Boko Haram now, or even in the future.

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