Chinelo Emeghara, making women proud as Clerk/Permanent Secretary IMHA

Across the world, women are seen as stablizing factors in families, politics and society at large. They are created to be meek, harmless and closer to the children and the youths than men. Forget about the current trend where a lot of them tend to be tigers with questionable feminism agenda and posture. Immediately Adam saw Eve according to the Bible, that peace, tranquility and all round calmness the entire world, animals and nature around him could not give to him enveloped him with the woman’s presence. He was quick to hieve a sigh of relief thus: “This is the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh”.

Women are particularIy created to be patient, circumspect, disciplined and diligent in all ramification but events of today tend to prove this ancient attributes and antecedents of women wrong. The period we are in now is actually a season designed globally to celebrate women. Ranging from the recently marked global women’s day to the Mother’s Day in the World-wide Anglican Church and other denominations, women are remembered and celebrated no matter what. For this raeson, all of us in the Nigerian Newsguide sieze this medium to join in the frenzy and mood of the time to say a big congratulations to all women of goodwill across the world.

But we make bold to single out one unique woman of substance that deserves our collective commendation. She is Mrs CHINELO EMEGHARA, Lawyer, Administrator and technocrat of no mean feat. Emeghara is presently the Clerk and Permanent Secretary of the Imo State House of Assembly, Owerri and the first woman in the old and new Imo State to have occupied such position.
Since she became the Clerk of the House about two years ago, Emeghara has proven to be a square peg in a square hole. She has most diligently and professionally been discharging her responsibilities to the best of her ability.

Barr CHINELO EMEGHARA has remained a stablizing force in the House of Assembly wherein she deploys her wealth of experience in making sure that all the bills and motions brought before the Chambers of the House are properly scrutinized, filtered and presented accordingly. She sometimes have to travel out of the state to other State Assemblies to ascertain if some bills under consideration in IMHA have been passed by other Houses or not in order to know how best to go about such bill. Under her Clerkship, the usual squabbles and wrangling among Lawmakers as per whose motion or bill should come first is now a thing of the past.

Emeghara dresses like a model mother and woman of honor. She has never had any kind of scandal either as a private individual or in her official capacity as Clerk/Permanent Secretary of IMHA, this is unusual among women occupying sensitive and key leadership positions in today’s world.

Mrs Emeghara’s good working relationship with the leadership of the House is better observed than imagined. This accounts for why Imo State House of Assembly is among the best in Nigeria, ADMINISTRATIVE WISE.
Mrs Emeghara’s ingenuity, transparency, open-mindedness, courage and carriage have really endeared her to her colleagues (civil servants) in the House. She carries everybody along and does not see her as a boss per say, but as the Primus inter Peres.

In Imo State House of Assembly, you hardly hear people murmuring against an Emeghara, their major complaint is about pay-cuts by the government and poor remunerations or no allowances at all.

We in the Nigerian Newsguide therefore salute Barr. Mrs CHINELO EMEGHARA at a time like this for making the womenfolk proud with her excellent performance in office, and the high moral standard she has set for women in leadership positions in Nigeria and beyond.

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