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Everight rated best Diagnostic Centre East of the Niger

A leading diagnostic centre in Nigeria and one of the first Covid-19 test facilities in Southern Nigeria, EVERIGHT DIAGNOSTICS Ltd has been adjudged as the most efficient and best equipped private diagnostic centre in the entire southern Nigeria.

A number of Nigerians more especially those residing in Imo, Anambra, Rivers, Enugu and Abia States who spoke to Nigerian Newsguide penultimate week rated EVERIGHT high, describing it as beacon of hope for many with complicated and seemingly undiagnosable ailments. They spoke to our reporters at Federal Medical Centre Owerri, Abia State University Teaching Hospital Aba, Specialist Hospital Umuguma, Owerri, Madonna University Teaching Hospital Elele Rivers State, among other places.

According to them, EVERIGHT Diagnostics Ltd located along the busy Bank road in Owerri and other parts of Southern Nigeria has the best, most modern and sophisticated equipment that easily detect ailments to their roots with accurate and unambiguous results.

Some of those interviewed who were patients, medical and health professionals said they wondered what the entire Imo and it’s neighbors in the South would have done without EVERIGHT in the face of the many health challenges facing humans, most of which are terminal and internal. They maintained that the mega facility also prides itself as a place with the best trained personnel, technicians and experts whose specialist attention to patients and clients give them a sense of belonging and hope of surviving their traumatizing and devastating medical challenges.

“Go to FMC Owerri and any public or major private hospital in Imo and beyond and see if they will not direct you to EVERIGHT for accurate and reliable diagnosis.
In fact, any test result you bring from any other diagnostic center around Owerri and it’s neighboring cities that is not EVERIGHT will be outrightly rejected by any serious hospital. EVERIGHT is our pride and the best private diagnostic facility east of the Niger” said one of the interviewees.

A Pharmacist and owner of one of the leading Pharmacy shops in Owerri who craved for anonymity said EVERIGHT although started with wonderful PR that earned her huge clientship, however maintained that the facility incontestably is the best in customer friendliness and in churning out accurate laboratory results, adding that it’s the best East of the Niger at least for now.

Nigerian Newsguide reporter who visited the facility recently gathered that EVERIGHT Diagnostics Ltd has modern and latest equipment capable of running tests, bringing out results in a matter of minutes and hours. The facility can boast of MRI, CT Scan, Endoscopic machine, ECG, ECO, DNA, Genetics and Molecular biology equipment and lots more.

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