“I regret voting Owerri man in 2015: Mezie Imo Clergy Forum describes statement as false, warns politicians against disparaging, insulting Iwuanyanwu

An association of respected clerics, Mezie Imo Clergy Forum has seriously frowned at the recent publications by some media houses and social media too, quoting Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu to have expressed his regret over his choice for an Imo Governor of Owerri extraction in 2019.

The Forum pointedly described the publication as not only false and malicious against the personality of Ahaejiagamba Ndigbo but a figment of the imagination of some political hirelings and unprofessional media workers who have no respect and regard for elder statesmen and revered Igbo leaders like Iwuanyanwu. This is even as the clerics have threatened to stage a mass protest should the attack against Iwuanyanwu persists.

In a well detailed rebuttal, President of Mezie Imo Clergy Forum and presiding Bishop House of God International Churches World wide, Bishop (Prof) Athan Azubuike said Ndigbo must be politically circumspect, strategic, and always avoid acts or actions that always portray them as people without Kings and Leaders.
He said Iwuanyanwu is an Institution in Igboland and wondered why a few individuals would continue to launch unwarranted attack on a person of such stature and status to the extent of stating what he never said any time, any day in the media.

Bishop Athan Azubuike’s terse statement reads thus: “Disrespect your elders: What an age of slights and slurs.
Respect for elders is one of the most important characteristics of any culture. This can be seen in all its glory amongst the Japanese, considered to be one of the richest and most developed nations of the world. Respect for elders is one of the strongest pillars that have built up this tiny island nation. They have taken the best of the West and blended it smoothly with the best of the East. An elder is someone with a degree of seniority, and aging is not only a biological process but also a cultural one in many societies.

Respecting our elders should be in most cases a courtesy entrenched in every single person. The elders should be treated with respect, dignity and the appreciation that they deserve at all times because most of them like Ahaejiagamba sacrificed their lives and wealth that we might be where we are today.
We will not keep watching as our political young men in an exchange for respect spat at and verbally abuse Chief Dr Sir Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Iwuanyanwu, Ahaejiagamba Ndi Igbo. The recent outpour of vituperations and anti-respect confrontations, against our great statesman should be widely condemned.
Therefore we call for restriction over some unguarded utterances against him. Of a truth, abuse, ferocity, and disregard against the elderly have for too long remained a relatively ‘unseen’ part, being a social problem locally in Igboland. The rising proportion of disregard of the elderly in Igboland calls for concern. Conversely, we, members of Mezie Imo Clergy Forum are beginning to consider the collective voices of perceptions of mistreatment and disregard to our elderly who sacrifice so much for us as more rampant in Imo state than in other states of South East.
In this communique therefore, we most dispassionately and unreservedly condemn in totality the recent maligning, lies from the pit of hell and unguarded utterances, coming from a particular political party and some younger politicians against our revered, foremost elder statesman and our Patron, Chief Sir Dr. E.C. Iwuanyanwu, Ahaejiagamba Ndi Igbo.
We urge all the people sponsoring these cheap propangandas to forthwith desist from the ugly trend or we will have no choice than to stage a protest march against them. Enough is Enough!”- Bishop Azubuike warned.

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