National Assembly must be thorough and pro-Nigeria in current constitution amendment, State Police, Restructuring must be included.

As we write, both Chambers of the National Assembly are locked up in the wave of current amendment of the notorious 1999 constitution as amended. The law was handed down to us by the military leftists, eminently assisted by a few civilians better described as deviants and bunch of soulless and conscienceless Nigerians otherwise how on earth could a country have two different constitutions in one single document.

In the document, enormous Powers were given to the federal government, while states and local governments that ordinarily should have been equal federating units with FG were relegated to the background.
In the said constitution still, every security power, Defence, Police, Immigration, Customs, Prisons, Civil Defence and ordinary Road Safety are strict preserve of the federal government.
The unworkable and fundamentally fraudulent constitution also made power/energy, oil exploration, tax warehousing, licensing of private tertiary institutions, etc a no-go-area for states, and this is the reason the country has remained a laughing stock among comity of nations in Africa and the wider world.
About 18th or 19th of each month, governors and a few others mount the roads, jumping into waiting aircrafts to Abuja to be with their Headmaster- Mr President for peanuts called Federal allocation.

The situation is so bad and worrisome to the extent that a governor who is said to be the Chief Security Officer of his state is always helpless and hopeless each time there’s a critical security challenge in his state. He neither has powers to instruct the Police on what to do nor command the Civil Defence on the way forward for a precarious, life threatening security challenge. The terrorism, banditry, kidnapping and many of their likes that had become a new normal in Nigeria are so because governors are helpless, all waiting for the presidency to show the way.

Because of the obnoxious monthly FG allocation regime, most states in Nigeria particularly in the North have become docile, lazy and cannot generate N50 million as IGR yet they get free funds at the end of every month.
In the face of the on going constitutional amendment by the National Assembly, we in the Nigerian Newsguide wish to advise and urge our Senators and House of Representative Members to be bold enough, courageous and pro-masses for the first time.

They should have ‘misguided boldness’ and quickly rush where even the Angels fear to thread.

Restructuring, we repeat Restructuring must be inserted in our constitution now. State Police is a sine qao non now if we must secure our people.
This amendment would make no sense if power generation and distribution are not retrieved from the FG and states allowed to run theirs.
Custom, Prisons and Civil Defence must be in the concurrent list and conscious efforts made to restore true federalism wherein states and regions are independent, control their resources, and make some remittances to the FG at the end of the month to sustain it.

In this amendment, LGAs must be free and autonomous alongside State Houses of Assembly so that sitting governors would sit up and do that which is right. Above all, secessionists clauses should be inserted into the constitution to give tribes and ethnic groups so disenchanted and discontented the legitimate rights to ask to be granted sovereignty.

Nigeria is currently sitting on a keg of gun powder, it is a disaster waiting to happen, and efforts must be geared up by our federal and state Lawmakers in the current amendment towards tackling those fundamental imbalances, inadequacies and some roguish provisions that had kept us foot dragging for many years now to save the country from fizzling away.

Again, the two anti Nigeria legal provisions inserted in one document, one for Muslims and the other for the rest of Nigerians must be expunged now. It’s either we have one Nigeria with one constitution or we go our separate ways, after all “To your Tents oh Isreal” is a popular wise saying and suitable for our very pitiable situation in Nigeria today.

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