Growing rate of domestic violence, murder among married couples

For sometime now, there have been sad episodes of wickedness, visited anger and satanic enforcement of unexplainable spiritual judgements against many married couples-male and female.

Supposedly responsible husbands and wives have suddenly become agents of darkness and deputies to monstrous Lucifer, ready to kill or maim any time, any day.

From Lagos to Maiduguri, Owerri to Kaduna, Port-harcourt to Markudi, Kaduna to Enugu, among others, no single day passes bye without one hearing about domestic violence or murder either by husband or wife.

Granted, issues and misunderstanding are seen and witnessed among most marriages. Even brothers and sisters quarrel and fight, and so it wouldn’t be strange for husbands and wives to ordinarily misunderstand themselves or fight but wisdom and maturity are applied in resolving marital differences.

A young wife was buried last Friday in Imo State who was said to be victim of battering and domestic violence.
The husband a medical doctor at Federal Medical Centre Owerri reportedly did not attend the burial. Another Imo woman from Obowo married to a man from Mbaise is lying dead in a mortuary now. She was said to have been gruesomely murdered by the husband in Lagos over marital issues.

In Nsukka, a man and his siblings reportedly beat his wife and eventually took her life recently. A wife in Ekiti state also recently took the life of her husband, using jack knife, and we ask what has suddenly become of our temperament these days that they tend to control us instead of the other way.

The reasons behind these guises of domestic violence or murder whether against men or women are not unconnected to infidelity, external influence, inability to resolve minor marital differences and or sex issues.
We in the NIGERIAN NEWSGUIDE wish to state here that no matter how you look at it, lack of wisdom and immaturity are mainly behind these heinous acts.

We call for an end to conditional marriages and material-induced unions.
Most men are becoming too lazy, only waiting for already made women and vice versa, this is the onus.
We charge couples to learn to resolve their differences than making them public at the elementary stage. They should learn from the Bible and other holy books about the rudiments of marital unions.

Again, husbands and wives should be able to decode when the devil has sworn to take life in a home. Each time any of the parties continued to say “I will kill you and nothing will happen” please know that the quarrel has come to crisis peak and simply irreconcilable.

At this stage, divorce or separation is the only way forward. It is better to destroy marriage than destroy life.

The worth, dignity and sacrosancity of human life must be respected, and not sacrificed on the altars of trying to mend an unworkable marriage.
Enough of these domestic violence and murder among couples that are fast becoming a culture in our hitherto relatively peaceful society.

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