Easter: Political, religious leaders have disappointed both God and man – – Okeke, Anglican Bishop of Orlu

Warns Northern leaders against islamisation

Urges all to seek Jesus Christ and power of His resurrection

Apparently irked by the spate of killings, insecurity and bad governance in Nigeria, Bishop of Orlu Anglican Diocese, Most Rev Benjamin Okeke has insisted that most Nigeria’s elected political leaders and even ecclesiastical leaders have disappointed both God and humanity in their daily actions and conducts.

Bishop Okeke was particularly enraged at the coordinated kidnapping and killing of Christians mainly in the northern parts of the country simply because they refused to convert to Islam in a circular nation like Nigeria, lamenting that some political and religious leaders looked the other way without kicking against the dastardly acts.

In his Easter message, a copy of which was made available to Nigerian Newsguide, the fiery prelate said: “Many elected into political offices and even ecclesiastical offices have disappointed both God and man. In parts of the North, instead of delivering on their mandates, some of the governors are busy crushing Christians who have refused to be Islamized”.
The Orlu Anglican Bishop who quoted the book of Habakkuk 2:12 said “those who advance their political frontiers through bloodshed must be disgraced and not praised”.

He warned Northern leaders against the continued killing and tormenting of innocent Christians on the grounds of faith, even as he reminded all in leadership positions in the church and society that a day of reckoning and God’s judgement was actually under way. He maintained that now is the time to make amends.

The prelate called on those in authority to listen to those they were elected to rule by providing the basic amenities as well as tackling poverty, diseases and unemployment to save the poor masses.

On the very essence of Easter, Bishop Benjamin Chinedum Okeke said the resurrection of Jesus Christ revolutionalized Peter, Mary and other Apostles alongside other men on their way to Emmaus that they had to preach with boldness and unimaginable courage
He then asked: “Have you gotten the Power, you need it. Ask God for it and you will be counted among his people”.

Bishop Okeke enjoined Nigerians to abhor bitterness, anger, corruption, envy, greed, stealing, hatred manifest in people’s daily lives, and embrace Jesus Christ now and be saved
The Bishop who further called on all to establish good relationship with God in this period of Easter prayed God to use the power of resurrection to restore his people and the land.
“May the Power of Resurrection which is stronger than Atomic Bomb restore us, our church, our state, our nation so that we might do exploits for Him and rise from darkness into light”.

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