2023: Why Ndigbo should reject VP slot

Just like the hurricane, 2023 is around the corner. Nigerians seeking for true democracy will soon file out to vote for who would steer the ship of the nation for the next four years from 2023.

Already, there is so much anger in the land owing to bad leadership. Bandits are still terrorizing the nation, snuffing lives out of innocent citizens. They abduct our school children at will and negotiate with government for ransom before their release. No genuine effort has been made to curtail their activities as they continue to enjoy the support, sponsorship and patronage of prominent sons and daughters particularly in the North.

Regrettably, even some state governors from the North jump to their defense without batting an eyelid. One was quoted recently to have said that “not all bandits are criminals” and his counterpart in another state supported him with the statement that “bandits need to be pampered”, but somewhere in the south, another was proud to say he “invited the military to teach IPOB a lesson”. What a country! Between IPOB members and bandits, who should be pampered, tagged criminals and deserve military invitation to be taught a lesson? We leave the answer to the reading public.

Only in Nigeria will unarmed citizens protest in the streets to drive home their demands for a better country and get brutalized, tear-gassed, hounded, arrested and made to face the full weight of the law. O yes, this happens in a country where the dreaded Boko Haram sect members are still carrying out their heinous activities, maiming at least a hundred every month. Herdsmen, still raping our women and destroying our farmlands. A liter of fuel which was hitherto sold at N75 is now selling at N165.

A dollar exchanges at almost N500 when we were promised one naira to one dollar. A bag of rice is more than N20,000. The nation is seriously hemorrhaging and may even bleed to death before 2023. Cries of secession is at its peak. The Yorubas, for the very first time appear more desperate to secede, as agitations for Republic of Biafra by the Easterners are not ebbing. Only the Hausas and Fulanis want the country to remain one and indivisible. The reason is not far-fetched. Analysts say they are the highest beneficiaries of all the problems bedeviling the nation. They feed fat from our collective till and occupy all the juicy positions in the country. So, 2023 will afford us an opportunity to correct this anomaly, ills of the past and reposition our country for greatness so as to compete favourably in a comity of nations.

As it were, however, those eying the coveted seat of the president have begun consultations and smoothening all crooked ways. There appears to be tough a task in choosing the zone that will fly the presidential flag of various political parties in the race. Recently, the People’s Democratic Party Presidential Review Panel Report recommended the scrapping of zoning for its 2023 presidential ticket. This they did to deny the Igbo of that privilege. This decision alone should unsettle every right thinking Igbo man. Simply because it is the turn of the Igbos to produce the next president of this country. A tribe that parades men and women of sterling reputations cannot be treated as a second fiddle in a country they contribute almost 70% of her resources both human and material. Igbos are stakeholders and should be allowed to contribute their quota in the affairs of the nation including its leadership. Anything short of that, is injustice against God and man.

On the other hand, Igbo political elites should avoid the temptations of betraying any hopes for genuine progress for the emergence of an Igbo man as president of this nation. The era of backbiting, betrayal and sabotage should be over by now. Commonsense advises all, despite political inclinations, to join forces and bring back what rightly belongs to us.
We, in the Nigerian Newsguide simply demand a Nigerian President of Southeast extraction come 2023.

May the voices of the uneducated, unlettered, and the uncivilized in Igbo land do not swallow the voices of reason, hope, truth, and life.

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