Insecurity: Nigeria must be renegotiated now – Policy Expert

Calls on Buhari, APC to convene emergency roundtable with ethnic movements, militia groups.

Following seemingly endless attacks on government and private facilities alongside coordinated killings, kidnapping, terrorism, banditry, etc, the federal government of Nigeria has been advised to make haste to convene a strategic Roundtable wherein all ethnic movements, seccessionist and militia groups would meet with various stakeholders across the country to possibly renegotiate the entity called Nigeria.

Development Journalist and Policy Management/Development Expert Chidi Emeagi stated that such meeting was imperative now than ever before if the problem of insecurity must be reduced to barest minimum.

Speaking on Darling FM 107.3 radio flagship program “Na Akwukwo Akuko-Igboezuko”, monitored by our reporter last Friday, Emeagi who spoke in pure Igbo dialect was unambiguous when he stated that the woman called Nigeria is long dead and now in the mortuary awaiting burial date. According to him, all that are happening in Nigeria today and symptomatic of the fact that the nation was dead and required either a miracle from Jesus Christ to raise the dead woman up or concerted effort by the citizens via taking a new route aimed at begging the gods of the land to raise the woman from the dead.

Emeagi maintained that no Nigerian leader is confused as per the cause of strife, much agitation, arms struggling, terrorism, jail-break and kidnapping, adding that the very unthinkable situation was self-inflicted. He condemned a situation where a section of the country is pampered, favoured and placed above others, noting that the North’s overbearing influence on the politics, governance of Nigeria, and high level of youth unemployment among a few others were responsible for current spate of insecurity in Nigeria.

Emeagi who is also the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Nigerian Newsguide said the continued FG’s negotiation with bandits, terrorists and herdsmen and coordinated payment which run into billions of Naira from our common wealth was a monster consciously created by Northern leaders that is hunting Nigeria today to the extent that other ethnic militia groups have found it money spinning, hence the chase after arms and armunitions needed to lunch all sorts of attacks to attract FG’s attention and subsequent negotiation.

Mr Chidi Emeagi also observed that the stupid, erroneous belief that the United Kingdom handed power to the North after Colonial era to the point that an unwritten law was made to forbid the southeast from ruling or occupying key and sensitive positions in Nigeria was an error that must be corrected if Nigeria must come back to life.

He therefore called for a convocation of strategic no- holds-barred Roundtable between the Federal government and all aggrieved ethnic movements and militia groups including ESN, IPOB, Miyeti Allah, Amotekun, Niger Delta and Middle belt groups to renegotiate Nigeria and possibly reboot the system and save the drowning boat already lost in the radar.

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