Darlington Onwuegbu sues for peace between Charlvon, Uzoma Obiyo

A concerned citizen and political stakeholder in Ikeduru LGA Prince Darlington Onwuegbu has called for more diplomacy, dialogue and mediation on the locking of horns between two Ikeduru political gladiators, Prince Charles Amadi (Charlvon) and Dr. Uzoma Obiyo before the whole scenario gets out of hand.

Onwuegbu in a statement availed to Nigerian Newsguide last week, urged the traditional leaders to summon the two actors and possibly make peace for them in other to arrest the situation.
“The Traditional Rulers should know that arresting this situation will help succeeding generations especially loyalists of these two Elephants from hate amongst their respective Leaders.
Sustainable peace is what brings development to Communities, we all should know that sycophancy is an inflammable tool that doesn’t bring any good rather destruction.

Please my Leaders, let us stop running each other down because whatever we sow today in the name of politics, is what we shall harvest in future, Ikeduru is a big local government that has produced notable Men and Women who are professionals in different walks of life.
In the early 80s and 90s the political climate of ‘pull him down’ syndrome was not like this.
Please with due respect to Our Traditional rulers, Ndi Eze Ikeduru, our Clergymen and Concerned Citizens of our great Ikeduru Community, I urge you to do something now before it gets out of hand.

Chief Charles Amadi and his Brother Dr Uzoma Obiyo please drop this media war and embrace peace for the growth and betterment of Ikeduru, this is not portraying any good image for Ikeduru people

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