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Fact Channel with Chidi Emeagi

Though some women from age long had proven to be good administrators and leaders, most of them had also exhibited characters that portrayed them as difficult and incorrigible people. From Indira Ghandi to Margaret Thatcher and Benazi Buhto, hot temperament and intolerance were their biggest undoing in various political offices they held such that men and most youths appeared to have regretted why they allowed them to have their ways in the first place.

Fast forward to 21st, women participation in politics and leadership dropped down reasonably. A lot of factors like funds, courage and intimidation or harassment from men are particularly responsible for the unfortunate development.

But a few of them currently in leadership positions in this era, have actually left noticeable foot prints in the sands of time that even their male folks had so admired them and wished they ruled without a stop. Angela Merkel, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, and many others are great women celebrated world over.

In Imo State today, one woman, mother and super model to younger generation is really making waves, blazing the trail and changing the  hitherto bad narratives about women in public offices.

Her name is Chief Mrs Ruby Emele, she is a former Executive Chairman Isiala Mbano LGA, one time ALGON Chairman in Imo State and currently the Special Adviser to Gov. Hope Uzodimma on Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs.

Emele in her present office just like in her previous ones is marching words with actions, and decomplexifying leadership with every ease.

Upon her appointment as SA Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs which was greeted with wild jubilation among all, Emele swung into action and was able to ascertain the problems confronting the Local Government system in Imo State.

As a square peg and square hole, Mrs Ruby Emele in concert with Council Interim Management Committee Chairmen, cleared up and recovered various Council Secretariats that were hitherto overgrown by bushes and with presence of  reptiles everywhere. Most Local Government workers who were coming late to work or not coming at all, got truly convinced that the it was no longer business as usual, and started coming to work with commitment and interest under Emele’s watch as SA on Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs.

Emele at every official and unofficial forum preaches the 3R message of the Shared Prosperity government to the grassroots, assuring the people that Gov. Hope Uzodimma had earnestly come to do things differently in the Eastern Heartland.

The soft spoken, humane, not easily provoked to anger, humble to a fault and ever smiling role model of a kind, will always tell her women folks that Uzodimma has so much regard for women, hence his appointment of more women in his administration than anyone had done in Imo State.

She’s a kind that doesn’t believe in using harsh tones and hostility in correcting erring workers. This is the reason a lot of Local Government workers approach her office with ease to either report their wrongdoings and subsequently plead for forgiveness or complain about ill treatment given to them by their superiors.

Mrs Ruby Emele’s wonders and magic wands are added advantage to the Uzodimma administration. A situation where Council Chairmen enjoy relative peace with their  colleagues and workers are indicative of the fact that a political Amazon with uncommon strategies is on the saddle.

Get any IMC Chairman and ask him or her about Mrs Ruby Emele and hear them pour encomiums and accolades on this woman of unusual honor.

Little wonder why she bagged the best government appointee award nine months into her tenure as SA to Gov. Hope Uzodimma.

The Amazon has the best open door policy and applies excellent public relations in dealing with the people that visit her office and her immediate staff too.

The Nigeria Union of Journalists NUJ, Imo State chapter under the current leadership of Comrade Chris Akaraonye, having spotted, observed and assessed her sterling qualities particularly her openness to the media, bestowed on her the “Most outstanding Media Friendly Personality for the year 2020”. At the official presentation of the award, the vibrant and 100% Shared Prosperity conscious appointee as usual urged Imo journalists to support Gov. Hope Uzodimma by being factual and pro -development in their daily reportage.

Today the Local Government areas in Imo are better and healthier even without elected officials courtesy of Mrs Ruby Emele.

In the area of Chieftaincy Affairs, Mrs Emele is not found wanting, she realizes and acknowledges in each ocassion the obvious fact that she is a woman and accords Ndieze their respect and due recognition.

She has never flexed muscle with any Royal Father or Town Union officers on any matter even in times of communal crisis or unbecoming developments.

An Emele will always apply diplomacy, and alternative dispute resolution mechanism to resolve seemingly irreconcilable situations.

I therefore salute her courage, ingenuity and unimaginable discipline both in public and private lives. I am certain she has not had scandals unlike most women holding public offices.

With these and many more, I don’t think it would be out of place should I infer that Chief Mrs Ruby Emele is a political Amazon performing many wonders in the 3R, Shared Prosperity government of Gov. Uzodimma. She is winning more souls for this administration with her infectious smile, humility and strategic approach to leadership in the 21st century.

Emele is nothing but an asset to the present APC government in Imo State, and should be emulated by other women in power across the country and the wider world.

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