Residents of Nekede Old Road groan under bad road

By Stanley Okehie

Residents of Old Road, Nekede have appealed to Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodimma to come over to Macedonia and help them recover their road.
The residents prayed the Governor to extend his aggressive road construction project ongoing in the state to their area.
They alleged that if nothing is done fast to recover the road, they may be cut off from other parts of the state.

Speaking to Nigerian Newsguide weekend, a resident Mr. James Eke who lives at No 4 Bus stop, Nekede lamented the deplorable state of the road.
He said the condition of the road worsened after a heavy downpour on Thursday that made road users to trek home due to the heavy flood that covered the roads and made bus operators to park their buses.
“Even till Saturday, bus owners were taking a different route that is longer, making a journey of less than 15 minutes to be one hour plus”, Eke hinted.

Eke also raised the alarm over a very dangerous spot before the zoo that also serves as a dumping site for refuse, advising that if nothing is done sooner, the road will cut into two due to erosion.

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