May Ebubeagu never clash with ESN

Should Ebubeagu, the newly established joint security outfit for Southeast clash with operatives of Eastern Security Network (ESN), the outcome will be better imagined than experienced; Southeast will burn. People will continue to die both old and young. Businesses will collapse, houses will be razed and properties and investments worth billions of naira destroyed. Somalia will be nothing compared to the devastation that will happen to the region. May God forbid.

So, to avert this impending calamity, our Southeast Governors will have to rise to the occasion, reconvene and announce the dissolution of Ebubeagu security outfit in the general interest of Ndigbo.

The five Southeast governors had met in Owerri on the occasion of a maiden Southeast Security Summit and after several hours of deliberations, announced to a waiting Pressmen, the establishment of a new joint security outfit code-named Ebubeagu.

Chairman of the Southeast Governors Forum, Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State who read the communique, said the agency will oversee and monitor activities of vigilante groups in the region among other things.

We, in the Nigerian Newsguide make bold to submit that the floating of Ebubeagu Security Outfit is ill timed and smacked of a decision taken in a hurry for many reasons.

One, to mock Eastern Security Network and render it powerless. That is why the five governors hurriedly floated Ebubeagu without inputs from the State Houses of Assembly, the ESN and IPOB. They thought they could easily woo ESN Operatives to their side with their filthy lucre. Surprisingly, they were confronted with a stiff opposition and resorted to terminating their lives one after the other. It was Ikonso the other day, who knows the next target? They succeeded in eliminating Ikonso, may they never succeed again.

Two, the operatives of Ebubeagu are termed ghosts because, even till date, not even a commander of the security outfit is known by the public. Save Ebonyi State where some people were presented recently as Ebubeagu Operatives, they only exist in our imaginations as we are still confused whether they will bear arms and wear uniform. So, there is nothing to celebrate about Ebubeagu as many Easterners have already rejected it and since embraced Eastern Security Network founded by the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Recall that before ESN came to be, there had been calls by the Igbo public and Nnamdi Kanu as well, appealing to the governors of the Southeast states to do something about the security situation in the region. As it were, even up to date, rampaging herdsmen are still invading our farmlands, destroying our crops, raping our women and in some cases, slaughtering them.

So, to many Easterners, ESN provided and is still providing the immediate response to the spate of herdsmen menace that is threatening  the existence of the people of the region, hence it’s overwhelming acceptance by the people except for the few elites who still nurse rabid hatred for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his cause.  

Still fresh in our minds, is the incident in Igga Community in Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State where ESN operatives once again proved their mettle when they pounced on Fulani herdsmen terrorizing the area and as well averted what could have resulted to a massacre of a whole community.

It is based on this and many more, that we, in the Nigerian Newsguide beg for the understanding of our Southeast governors as we strongly recommend that ESN remains the only known security outfit for the region.

We therefore, appeal that our Southeast governors reconvene and announce the scrapping of Ebubeagu Security Outfit, if for nothing, atleast, to dismiss the insinuations that it was established not to fight bandits and criminals but ESN operatives and IPOB members, which recent events have proven it to be true.

Let’s make hays while the sun shines.

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