Violence/Killings in Imo: Prelate weeps, condemns killing of Ikonso, exonerates Uzodimma

Begs ESN, IPOB, Imolites to sheathe their swords and give peace a chance

Insists Uzodimma will make Imo proud with good governance

Influential Religious Leader in Imo State and Presiding Bishop House of God International Churches Bishop Athan Azubuike has wept for the Eastern heartland state over the sustained the reign of violence and killings going on in the state. Bishop Azubuike who is also the  Founder and President of Mezie Imo Clergy Forum, as well as Global Igbo Clergy Congress described the violence, killings and other sundry crimes going on in Imo as a conspiracy theory of those that hate the state and out to pull it down by every means.

The Prelate in an interview with NIGERIAN NEWSGUIDE weekend said with the type blood letting going on in the state, development and good governance have certainly taken flight and the future no longer bright for the state.

The man of God  who condemned in unmistakable terms the execution of Eastern Security Network, ESN Commander, Ikonso however exonerated Gov. Hope of the heinous, noting that the Federal Government may have commanded Ikonso’s execution which is now hung on Uzodimma’s neck.

The Bishop who said he would not in any way support the killing of pro Biafra agitators, ESN operatives or IPOBIANS however said that the killing of such  agitators had been on in the Southeast for several years now.

“During the time of T.A Orji over 200 pro Biafra agitators were massacred in Abia. During the era of Achike Udenwa, Nigerian Army ambushed the then seccesionist MASSOBIANS and massacred them along Okigwe -Umunachi road.

Even during Rochas Okorocha’s regime, some IPOBIANS were killed and hundreds detained.

Have you forgotten the atrocious massacre of MASSOBIANS  at Onitsha and other Anambra towns during the tenure of Peter Obi and the out going Obiano, the corpses of those innocent people were later found floating on Ezu River. But none of these governors received the same of treatment Hope Uzodimma is receiving today.

Our dear brother Nnamdi Kanu narrowly escaped death by the whiskers in Umuahia his home town which is also the capital Abia State a few years ago courtesy of a military operation commanded by the federal government code named “Python Dance”. Many were said to be killed in that singular anti-Igbo operation, later Kanu’s parents died out of shock but Okezie Ikpeazu still exists.

Imo people, what has come over us? What is the crime of Hope Uzodimma. He is just a governor like others. Enugu State witnessed wanton killing of IPOBIANS and other innocent souls, and Ugwuanyi still exists. None of these South East governors have had their Houses burnt. HOPE UZODIMMA is a fresher in government, having ruled for just one year plus.

From the above, you can deduce that Gov. HOPE UZODIMMA has the minutest member of IPOBIANS killed. But he has suffered serious trauma and  destruction of his properties. I am not in any way supporting any governor that is consciously trying to kill or exterminate ESN operatives or IPOBIANS. These young men are doing great job for Ala-Igbo and deserve support and commendation from right thinking Ndigbo.

I therefore humbly plead with ESN operatives, IPOB and aggrieved Imolites to sheathe their swords against Uzodimma and Imo State.

We in the entire Southeast and Imo State in particular were the most peaceful people in Nigeria before now. But now Imo has recorded unquantifiable destruction of properties and violence.

I also plead on all Imolites fanning the embers of war and violence to stop forthwith and remember we have no other home outside Imo.

Remember that there are No industries, No railway, No seaports, no big markets in Imo. Then Why are we  trying to destroy Imo state?. I do not believe that it is our IPOB brothers doing all these atrocities, rather, I see this as a new strategy of conspiracy theory from our enemies’ camp just to make the state ungovernable.

Who are the people selling the heinous message that Sen. Hope Uzodinma is responsible for the killing of Ikonso, what will the killing of Ikonso give Hope as a governor?

Gov Ortom had an agreement for amnesty for notorious Gana, but on the way, Gana was ambushed and killed by the military but today Gov. Ortom is walking about freely in Benue without accusations that he wrote the script and planned the execution of Gana.

Imo people let us chew with caution, talk with caution, act with caution, so that we do not destroy Imo state with our own hands.

Remember our little children, women, the aged and our youths, we must not agree with any group of people within or outside the State that is planning to destroy the peace and tranquility of our lovely State.

Love they say is stronger than hatred and Peace better than War. Let’s be properly guided at a time like this.

Again, let me assure Imolites that Governor Hope Uzodimma will make Ndimo proud with good governance going by the way he has started especially in the area of road construction and rehabilitation.

The Governor, therefore needs our support,, prayers and solidarity at a time like this.”

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