Energy users threaten bloody show down with EEDC over outrageous bills, mindless disconnections

Except there is a reasonable intervention from the Authorities of Enugu Electricity Distribution Company, EEDC, customers under the coverage of the company  are spoiling for a war with EEDC operational staff whom they said have always treated energy users without a drop of mercy and respect.

The customers mainly youths particularly of the non formal sector who spoke to our reporters in Owerri, Awka and Enugu said, aside poor and inadequate power supply which is frustrating their businesses and lives, EEDC will always bring unimaginable outrageous estimated bills and force users to pay or get disconnected.

According to them, power distribution company brings bills for as high as 10,000 Naira for a two or three bedroom flat, and similar amount for a one room shop or office, lamenting that the mindless increase in energy tariffs is peculiar to the Southeast such that small and medium enterprises’ owners are being frustrated out of business on daily basis.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back hence pitching customers against EEDC operational staff is the recent unreasonable disconnections by a notorious task force said to have been detailed from the Enugu headquarters of the company to come for aggressive drive of arrears owed by customers.

The task force, NIGERIAN NEWSGUIDE learnt, has been operating in the cities, nooks and crannies of their catchment areas for two weeks now, disconnecting users without any prior notice. The worst part of the anti-customers drive is that the operational staff will disconnect your line even when you are up to date with your bills.

One of the aggrieved customers in Owerri stated thus: “I am a tenant where I live in a three bedroom flat with my family for two years now. I have been paying my bills since I parked in and up till this month but EEDC people led by one dark woman came two weeks ago and disconnected me, saying that my flat has arrears over 250,000 Naira when it’s about 160,000 naira. They even dropped a threat that should any one tries to reconnect, that Police will arrest such person and manhandle him or her until he secures a bail and pays 51,00 naira for illegal re-connection.

When I tried to tell them that the arrears were not accumulated by me, they bluffed me and insisted that since I am occupying the flat, that it’s my bill and I must clear it before having light”

Five other youths who are artisans and shop owners who also pleaded to be anonymous told our reporter that EEDC should prepare to kill all of them when next they would come for such senseless drive on arrears, stressing that they will physically resist any attempt to disconnect them even when they are current with payments.

According to them, EEDC should approach landlords whose buildings have accumulated arrears by their old tenants instead of trying to intimidate and oppress innocent new tenants who have religiously been paying their monthly bills even when what they are paying is not in any way commensurate to the poor power supply by EEDC.

Some others who also spoke to us urged the CEO of EEDC, Sir Emeka Offor to wade in, and call his staff to order before things go out of hands.

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