Enough of this war in Imo, peace be still

Peace be still” Jesus Christ in one of his outings with his disciples was the very first person to use the above phrase. There was war on the sea, so much tempest and storm capable of capsizing the boat and destroying every living soul therein.
Jesus Christ was deep asleep right inside the boat until his disciples and the crew desperately made a May day call to him and He speedily woke up, and spoke in plain language; PEACE BE STILL.

For several months now, Imo, one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria has been passing through turbulence, war and life threatening security challenges.
There’s no day that passes bye without news of deaths, pains and unfortunately gory tales of war inflicted on Imo. The whole thing started during ENDSARS but was not properly handled until it snowballed into the war situation it is today.

As we write, most families are in tears following the untimely and unanticipated deaths of their loved ones either by unknown gunmen, security operatives, kidnappers or assassins.
In Orlu, there is this endless clash between the Military/Police and ESN or unknown gunmen that had claimed and still claiming dozens of souls.

We are lost as to how and why our dear Imo State got to where it is today.
Granted, there’s bad governance and orchestrated plans by the North especially the Fulani tribe to annex other parts of Nigeria by force, and the whole Jihad became more activated and brutal since Buhari came on board, but that shouldn’t make our dear Ndigbo who were known as a people that have so much value and regard for life and blood to lose touch of the fact that live is sacred.

We in the NIGERIAN NEWSGUIDE are therefore appealing to all aggrieved persons or groups to sheathe their swords and embrace peace. Most of the people dying in every shoot-out are Imolites and Umu Igbo. Stray bullets that know no friends or foes are killing innocent people every day and our economy is actually gasping for air.
We cannot continue this way, there is an end to every situation and it’s high time we understood that. If we crack and eventually collapse the very foundation of our state because we are aggrieved, all of us shall dearly pay for it and perish as well.

Our dear Governor, Hope Uzodimma should also understand that he is a father to all Imolites. His continued lack of empathy in all his speeches are not helping matters. His choice of words and hostility in all his public speeches are soaking Imo more in blood, and it’s time he changed tactics and strategy.
We expect him to address Ndimo now and appeal to all to toe the path of peace. Let the governor swallow his pride and ego and speak to Ndimo in plain Igbo language such that the heart of many would melt, broken and contrite. The Governor should as well tell the Military to withdraw their very brutal presence in Imo particularly in Orlu area at least for now. If all of us are consumed by this war, who will the governor rule?

The State Orientation Agency is not empowered and not doing well at all, this is the time to get them to engage Imolites on the way out of our current worrisome situation.
Media Houses in Imo State should now rise to the occasion, and the governor and his team should court and encourage them to work on the psyche of Ndimo at a time like this.
Our politicians and political leaders must guard their utterances now and as well appeal to their supporters to think Imo first before any other pecuniary consideration.

Love they say is stronger than hatred and peace better than War. Peace is priceless and better but war is more expensive and disastrous.
Our religious leaders too should also preach peace now and plead with God to come to our rescue. We appeal for unconditional calm and tranquility in Imo, because we need it now than ever before.

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