2nd civil war not possible in Nigeria – Prophet

Says all crisis preparing grounds for Southeast Presidency in 2021

Even amidst threats, counter threats, drums of war desperately beaten and growing incidents of killings, assassination, kidnapping and political intolerance with the potentiality of tearing Nigeria apart, a political strategist and Prophet in the Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Senior Apostle Ernest Onyeajalam has sounded it clearly that a second civil war is not possible in Nigeria.

Onyeajalam who spoke to our reporter weekend via a telephone conversation said all the security breaches, unknown gun men strikes, Fulani herdsmen attacks and killings by security operatives among other crises are interestingly preparing grounds for the emergence of Nigerian President of Southeast extraction come 2023.

The man of God was emphatic and conclusive when he submitted that spiritually, the stumbling block towards the realization of Igbo Presidency had been surmounted and rolled away hence the physical efforts by the enemies of the Southeast to stop the perfection and manifestation of what had already been settled in the spirit world.

“Let me tell you, there will be no second civil war in Nigeria as being speculated in many quarters, the age long injustice against Ndigbo and their cries had been taken care of spiritually. Come 2023, an Igbo man will be sworn-in as Nigeria’s President.

All the insecurity issues of today are fruitless efforts of wicked enemies of Ndigbo who have peeped into the spiritual environment and decoded that the time of the Igbo has come, hence they have resorted to all manner of physical attacks and onslaughts to scuttle the already perfected divine agenda.

You know the spiritual controls the physical, whatever that has been predetermined by the celestial powers will happen. Any effort by man to stop it, may precipitate blood bath but not war, that’s exactly the case with Nigeria today”.

According to Prophet Ernest Onyeajalam, peace is not achievable if injustice has not been addressed. The inability of an Igbo man from Southeast to mount the throne as Nigeria’s President for decades now, Onyeajalam said is grave injustice, and until it is addressed, peace will always elude Nigeria.

The former Senate Candidate for Imo East Senatorial District said Nigeria is better as one nation than being split into smaller irrelevant countries that are not forces to reckon with in Africa talk more of in the wider world.
“We have the population, intellect, natural resources, good water ways, land mass and ingenuity to rule the world but tribalism, corruption and wickedness against other tribes considered as perpetual enemies are our biggest challenge.

I believe in restructuring and other critical areas currently under consideration in the ongoing constitution amendment, but in doing all that, let the Hausas, Yorubas, Fulanis, Ijaws and other ethnic nationalities have it in mind that 2023 is for Nigeria’s President of Southeast extraction”.

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