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Policy expert wants Imolites to project their communities and towns instead of LGAs and Senatorial Districts

By Chidi Emeagi

Development Journalist and Policy Development Expert Mr Chidi Emeagi has frowned at the conscious projection and marketing of LGAs and Senatorial Districts by Imolites instead of their communities, kingdoms and towns.

Emeagi said the misnomer is the reason a lot of communities have remained unknown and strange to people each time their names were mentioned.
He noted that a typical Anambra man or Yoruba person proudly projects the name of his town or community each time he was asked where he hailed from, but regretted that Imolites only mention their Senatorial Districts or LGAs leaving their communities unmentioned.

“How do you justify a situation where a typical Imolite from Atta for instance tells you he is from Ikeduru or Owerri zone? Communities like Ugurike, Aji, Umuduruegbeaguru, Awo-idemili, Amaimo, Abba, Aku, Umuna, Urualla, Dikenafai Obibiochasi Okwudor, Umoozu, Uburuekwe, Ifakala, Awara, Obiangwu, Lowa, Isinweke, Obollo, Umuariam, Udo, Lude, Ngurunweke, Umuelemai, Ozara, Nkwesi are most times strange to many each time they were mentioned simply because people from these towns hardly mention their places of origin”.

Chidi Emeagi who is also the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of NIGERIAN NEWSGUIDE noted with dismay that Ndimo also go as low as localizing international institutions and research centres by linking them with LGAs.” A typical Imolite would say Federal University of Technology Owerri in Owerri West LGA, Federal Polytechnic Nekede in Owerri West LGA, etc but his counterpart elsewhere would just write Ahmadu Bello University Zaria without mentioning the host LGA, University of Nigeria Nsukka, Obafemi Awolowo Ile-Ife, among others”.

Emeagi therefore called on Ndimo to take heed so that they don’t keep the younger ones unaware of the names of their villages and communities, a development he said has the potentiality of spelling dooms for the future of such towns in years and decades to come.
“An Anambra man will always and proudly tell you he is from Nanka, Aguleri, Uga, Alor, Nsugbe, etc. I want Imolites to emulate this culture than always marketing Owerri, Orlu and Okigwe zones or LGAs as their places of origin”.

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