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Irene Chima: A unique bureaucrat in Uzodimma’s govt with passion for excellence

Your darling back page column had been on sabbatical for quite some time, it was so because issues and matters of germane public interest had dominated the news lately, and our back page must be made available to accommodate those critical stories whether a columnist (Guest or Regular) likes it or not.

The storm is not yet over, but we have actually navigated the ship with working compass to better shore, and decided to unwind a little hence the opportunity once again to write to inform, educate or entertain my readers and fans once again.

Today, I have come up with a woman not known to many people because of her background, career and probably her personal resolve never to blow her trumpet.

She might be embarrassed and surprised too with this my piece today, but I can’t just help it; my spirit kept pushing and disturbing me until I eventually picked up my pen to write.

I am taking about a unique bureaucrat, seasoned administrator and career civil servant, Dr. Mrs Irene Chima. She is currently the Principal Secretary to Gov. Hope Uzodimma.

Chima, joined the state civil service after her University Education. She rose through the ranks and crucibles by dint of hard-work to become Deputy Director and later, Director without the usual and most annoying lobbying that had long become a new normal in our public service.

At Director level, Mrs Irene Chima got somehow stagnated as she was overtaken by some of her mates in the service who were preferred and made Permanent Secretaries. Undeterred and unperturbed, Mrs Chima kept hope alive, remained diligent and focused in the discharge of her official responsibilities.

She was a later but belatedly made a Permanent Secretary practically on merit to the glory of God.
Around March last year, Dr. Mrs Irene Chima because of her ingenuity, experience, moral standard and uncommon competence, she was considered and appointed the Principal Secretary to the Governor by Sen. Hope Uzodimma.

Her appointment was greeted with loud ovation and commendations and she was celebrated in the traditional and new media platforms.
Upon assumption of office, the woman of the moment got literally working, dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s with such ease in an office that is most tasking and stressful that even men there in the past found it too difficult to function well due to huge demands associated with the office.

A wonderful team player, workaholic of sort and humility-personified, Mrs Chima’s vision and target is to ensure that Gov. Hope Uzodimma’s administration succeeds in all ramifications without dents and scandals. She thoroughly goes through critical documents of the governor and advises without petty biases on how best to go about any issue(s).
She is just more than a Principal Secretary to the governor but Chief Administrative Adviser and exceptional partner in progress to the Omuma-born Imo governor.

Today, Gov. Uzodimma’s government enjoys administrative stability, no known contract padding, missing funds, abandoned contracts, financial scandal, etc and I can authoritatively inform you that Dr. Mrs Irene Chima is factually to a reasonable extent behind this feats.

She sometimes goes out of her scope of duty to give strategic advice on how best to handle the governor’s official outings in order to give Imo people the best. For instance, about end of last year, there was an event scheduled for select Imo school children, the governor was attending to other important official functions whilst the school children were waiting and possibly complaining. Mrs Chima had to call Sir Bright Nwelue and pleaded with him as Protocol Adviser to get the governor to see the students before proceeding with other things, and that was done with dispatch.
Her passion for Excellence is super and her commitment towards Gov. Hope Uzodimma’s success incontestable.

Mrs Irene Chima fires from all cylinders, works under pressure with infectious smile and doesn’t leave critical documents or memos unattended to unlike her predecessors.
I salute her courage, sincerity, humility, scandal-free personality, moral stability, respect for her colleagues, result-orientedness and her passion for excellence in public service, and urge other care-free female top public servants to simply emulate her and her good qualities.

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