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Arrest bandits now and brand them terrorists before Northern Nigeria is finally consumed

The North of Nigeria has been bleeding profusely for a very long time now.
Yes, the region has held onto power in Nigeria for such a long time and can boast of a number of very wealthy Nigerians who got to that level leveraging on access to political powers, yet the region is crawling very much behind in anything development.

The northern elites that had made Nigeria’s political power their strangle-hold have vowed never to give up.
They go to any length to be super relevant, in order to continue to milk the system dry.
This is the reason a lot of them still believe in their wildest imagination that the presidency must remain in the north even by 2023.

The hypnotize, bewitch and manipulate the sensibilities of the hoi polloi otherwise known as the almajaris to continue to sheepishly follow them to the dungeon of all manner of unreasonable acts and actions that have today put the region on its knees economically, academically and otherwise.

These shrewd northern elites created several monsters that unleashed several violent attacks on innocent Nigerians particularly those living in the north.

The Zango-Kataf, Sharia crisis, Boko Haram and the latest beasts of no nation aka bandits in the Region were created for clear-cut political reasons of cleaving to power to eternity.

The north doesn’t want secession of any tribe or group from Nigeria, and this is reasonably why they create these monstrous groups so that whilst other ethnic groups are clamouring for fair treatment or secession, their own “aimless” groups would be unleashed on the country to either counter others or begin to make irresponsible demands as though they have anything at stake.

Like play, like play, these groups and their funders have succeeded in getting North East Development Commission with huge budgetary provisions when the Southeast that bear the worst brunt of consequences of the civil war, where about 3million of her people were killed has no such commission.

We heard about one lame, childish and stupid statement recently credited to some bandits to the effect that they will not stop abducting Nigerians until IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu stopped Biafra agitation-this is exactly the pitiable and ridiculous level these northern power grabbers have taken our polity to.

The Boko Haram in the north have sent many brilliant future political and business Leaders to their early graves.
While the Boko Haram terrorist group had crippled the economy of the region and most unfortunately put life out of anything good that may come from the region, the bandits that are today shooting down military aircrafts are on the verge of nailing the coffin that will eventually bury the region because it’s Nunc Dimmits had been sung sometime ago.

We in the NIGERIAN NEWSGUIDE pity the north a lot, we feel their self inflicted injury and the resolve of the elites never to activate a process of nursing the already dangerously infected wounds.
We call for the immediate arrest of these bandits and their prosecution, and execution as well.
We call for a dispassionate approach to all of that and possible disabuse of the northern politicians’ minds from the thoughts of retaining power in the region beyond 2023.

In few years to come, even with vast arable lands and access to credit facilities for agro-businesses, the north would definitely beg for foods, medics, political leadership, education, communication access, funds, etc if bandits are not branded terrorists today and treated as such. Islamic State of West Africa (ISWAP) and other notorious global terrorist groups will definitely annex the region and make nonsense of whatever may remain of the docile and selfish leaders of the region today.
These human animals must be stopped now before they stop the region, a word is enough for the wise.

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