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2021 dangerous floods and need for Nigerians not to be caught pants down

Its no longer news that the time we are in now are actually an unfavorable period characterized by worrisome floods due to seemingly endless rains.

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Across the globe, citizens are making conscious efforts to survive the annual natural occurrence that shakes the very foundations of the earth. Due to these heavy rains, oceans, rivers, streams and valley get worked up and saturated leaving humans in absolutely unimaginable danger right inside their homes, offices, markets, churches, mosques, etc.From Europe to America, Asia to Africa, flooding is dominating discussions now, and it has a lot to do with climate change largely caused by human anti environmental acts and activities.

Louisiana in the United States of America is a Red state with the worst case scenario in flood history. Even with the overwhelming hurricane Katrina that usually strike this Eastern state, it’s citizens survive this scourge annually due to their pro-activeness and all-hands-on-deck approach.Back home in our country, the Nigeria Metrological Agency, Nimet had long given indications as per over 30 states that could be affected by deadly floods this 2021, but we all appear to be waiting for the audacious hazard to hit us before we probably act. Our gutters are filled with heavy dirts mainly non biodegradable deliberately dumped there by humans.

Our homes and residences are witnessing the worst form of shanties and makeshifts built around water channels and drainages to the point that those occupying such shanties care less about others that live around hence they dump all their trashes therein and leave after their day’s businesses. Hospitals, restaurants, hotels and mega eateries with commercial wastes equally dump them all, either in the gutters or nearby rivers thus blocking free flow of waters.

Our indifference about our immediate environment has got to it’s climax that we no longer plant and grow trees and shrubs that could ward off natural disasters rather we cut down already existing ones and sell them as fire woods, giving room for erosion menace.

Every Dick, Tom and Harry is on social media blaming those at the corridors of power for being responsible for our now environmental woes with flooding as number one.Governments on the other hand are hapless and disoriented too in terms of what to do to save humans in our clime. It’s now a case of self-inflicted injury, everyone is blamable. As the floods come nearer us now more than ever before, we in the NIGERIAN NEWSGUIDE call for citizens cum Government joint action to save our environment rather than trading blames all the time.

We must begin to de-silt our gutters via communal efforts. Buildings on water ways must be pulled down and those that litter our roads and work places should be punished with our extant laws. Many cities in Nigeria are becoming too unlivable due to clustered kind of settlement and over-stretching of their master plans. Concerted effort must therefore be made by governments to create new cities in various states of Nigeria to decongest already overpopulated ones in order to reduce the rate of fatality in case the floods become like that in the days of Noah, may God forbid that!.

We must be pro-environment now by planting new trees instead of felling them. Again we must take Nimet warnings and instructions seriously and possibly vacate red areas with dispatch. Governments at all levels should equip and empower their emergency agencies, and keep relief funds on standby to give hope and succor to those that will be hit by these terrific floods.We must not wait to be caught pants down, time to act right is now or never.

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