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The Commander General (CG) for the Nigeria Hunters Council (NHC) Amb. Osatimehin Joshua has advocated for the permanent solutions to the insecurity challenges in Nigeria such as bandit’s, terrorism, kidnapping among others, saying it can be solved by initiating a partnership with the stakeholders and the implementation of the community policing through the Nigeria Hunters Council.

Speaking to all the state commander’s recently in their command headquarters at Gladimawa District, Abuja, the National Commander General of the Nigeria Hunters Council Amb. Osatimehin Joshua advocated that the birth of Nigeria Hunters Council is the end of Security in Nigeria. He assured that the Nigeria Hunters Council as a grassroots community policing security outfit is believed to change the narrative and as well bring a solution to the insecurity challenge in all part of the country.

According to the Commander General Amb Osatimehin Joshua he said, ” Indeed, l believed that very soon, the challenge of insecurity will be a thing of the past. Again, the objective of the Nigeria Hunters Council is to introduce a unique security outfit, charged with the responsibility to arrest the challenge of insecurity in Nigeria. No doubt, the Nigeria Hunters Council as a people oriented community based security outfit, which comprises of experienced security men and the local community hunter’s who are willing to confront the challenge of insecurity with skills and might. Above all, they are committed to go inside the bush and forest to burst the hide out of the criminals in various communities in Nigeria “.

In another development, the Commander General (CG) for Nigeria Hunter’s Council Amb. Osatimehin Joshua maintained that their security outfit is generally accepted by the people hence they assured him of their effective partnership with the Nigeria Hunters Council to ensure the total eradication of insecurity in various primary schools, secondary schools, churches, farm land as well as to protect lives and property. He also pointed out that the Nigeria Hunters Council bill has passed first, second reading and public hearing, now waiting to be passed into law.

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